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1.) Albertabowhunter - 08/22/2013
Well, after my quad, trailer, and tub trailer were stolen in May, I'm finally willing and ready to take the plunge and buy a new quad. I'm looking at the Can am Outlander 1000, but not 100% sold as of the info I Found out today. Apparently after 10 hours and 50 hours, its mandatory to bring it in for servicing. Each servicing is $350. Is this normal for quads? I have never bought a brand new vehicle of any sort.

IF you were to buy any "New" quad available, what would it be and why?
2.) Ohbuckhunter - 08/22/2013
I would rather buy a utv after hanging as many stands as I do.

But to answer your question I've never heard or that.
3.) Go Bucks - 08/22/2013
Perhaps valve and timing chain adjustments. I would try to negotiate that into the sale.

The older suzukis suggested a valve adjust at 100 miles
4.) Go Bucks - 08/22/2013
As far as a new quad... i would go more for something in the 400-500 cc range. They are more nimble and can be moved if in trouble.

The utvs are sweet just pricey
5.) Dan-o - 08/22/2013
The utv's are too big for me. I would rather have a 5 year old Toyota 4x4 that is damn near the same size for the same money, and either one only works for me on nice roads and paths or big open country. I checked out that can am. Seemed excessive for my needs.

As far as size, I'm with Barry. 350-500 cc machines have always done what I've needed of them. I can take them anywhere, including through the thick stuff when you have to make trails and maneuver around downed logs and stuff. If I can't get down in a deep ravine full of briars to get a downed deer out, it's not all that useful for me.

Every brand has their fans, but I choose Honda. Reliable and easy to find parts, even on the old ones. We have a 1997 fourtrax 300 4x4 and a 2001 foreman 4x4. Both machines run like they are brand new.

A buddy has a nice few year old model "other brand" and can't find a replacement petcock valve for the fuel tank. Not sure if that is typical, but when I hear stuff like that, it reinforces my trust in Honda.
6.) Albertabowhunter - 08/22/2013
I hear you all on the size of the machine, being a 1000. The price was reduced to less than the cost of the 800's. There is also a second key that comes with quad that reduces it to a 650. This is the option i will use for the most part. I am still unsure the 1000 is the way to go, where as you both said , GB and Dan-o, bigger is not always better. And in the past my 500 did all i needed.
7.) Albertabowhunter - 08/22/2013
UTV? is that the side by sides? If so , too big for my needs, and hard to get them though the bush when its need to haul a moose out.
8.) Deerminator - 08/22/2013
There must be plastic parts and belts inside the engine and transmission if it needs to go back for service so soon.
They might also want to check for core sand in the oil filter. Indicating bad QA at the factory.
Honda and Polaris make good machines.
9.) Albertabowhunter - 08/22/2013
My understanding is that BRP/Can am make one of the best quads on the market today.....
10.) Deerminator - 08/22/2013
I just never hear much about Can Am unless it's their racing machines. Most people around here have either the Hondas or Polaris and not too many complaints about service or parts.
11.) Albertabowhunter - 08/22/2013
I will have to look into them... maybe this weekend
12.) Ventilator - 08/22/2013
Ill have to agree on the Honda or Polaris route. I have a 2001 polaris 425 expedition. it is a big frame quad with a fat seat. It has plenty of power tho as i have used it to drag a 550lb set of disks while planting plots and i have a moose snow blade for the front. i have used it in 10-12 snow several times. If i was doing it again, id try to find one around a 500-600 with about the same frame size. Its about perfect as far as i can tell. Ive heard can am is a great machine but noone has a dealership around this part of NC. My polaris still starts on the first quick push of the button as well.
13.) Triton Rich - 08/22/2013
[B]I helped my Brother shop for an atv last fall. He was planning on getting one eventually but he broke his heel and needed one to continue hunting. He plans on using it for making food plots and did not want to be underpowered. I recommended looking for twin cylinder fuel injected models. He settled on a Polaris Sportsman 850XP. It's been a fantastic machine (granted it's only been a year) with loads of power and a very comfortable ride. It starts and runs very well no matter the temperature. Only two minor complaints. When brand new, it backfired frequently on deceleration. A little research found that this is common and goes away after some use and that seems to be true. It has only happened once in the last couple months. I think the downhill assist has something to do with this as it seems to use engine braking. The other thing is that it uses noticeably more fuel that smaller engine models. Not a big deal for him but for someone who routinely goes long distance it might be a factor.[/B]
14.) Ohbuckhunter - 08/23/2013
Not to sound like Tim the tool man but I feel more power the better. My reason behind this is you need the power going through mud to clean out the tires so they will bite n go. If your machine doesn't have enough balls than ur stuck because your tires are gunked up with mud. Yes a 400cc machine is plenty big enough for this. Another thing I like is having room to put a passenger and gear on with me to get to and from where I'm going. We have a 750 king quad and soon to have a side by side of some sorts. We have the trails here to ride them all day long and not worry about width. But again that's my IMO