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1.) MAARCHER - 03/05/2013
I've tried to switch things up but ended back with Mathews. Last fall I picked up a Spyder andit didn't like me so I tried a Dreamseason than a Bear Anarchy. I promised to try other bow companies. I really liked all of them but could never seem to be as consistent as I was with the Z7 Magnum which I kept. I bought a CREED 2 months ago and it blew me away. Put Prostrings on it and it is one sweet shooter. I kept the spyder and the anarchy. So I have 4 bows. I also bought an ACCU PRESS bow press. WHAT IS EVERYONE ELSE SHOOTING THESE DAYS?
2.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
I sit in a tree with a carbon matrix, while watching the squirrels and tweety birds...I would say I hunt with it, but hunting requires actually seeing deer...lol.

Target bow is a VE+...doinker bars, sure loc rail, extreme scope, prostrings...
3.) Old Crow - 03/06/2013
Bowtech Specialist for 3D and Target
Bowtech Guardian for Hunting
4.) Nocky/Mo - 03/06/2013
coons with a 10-22 , only got in a tree one time this past season and that was to get a coon that hung up . my bow , im still shooting the same hoyt you only have to buy one they last a life time . i did not bow hunt one single day but i chased this hound i bought almost every night . i just need to figure out how to do this with my bow .
5.) BULLZ-i - 03/06/2013
6.) Leighton - 03/06/2013
I still use my " Go Bucks " special ( Dren.) I can't ever see me needing any other bow.
7.) Firemanj - 03/06/2013
I started shooting for Strother archery last year and shoot a wrath for everything right now but waiting on my moxie to come in for my tournament rig. Still have my sbxt also.
8.) TXHunter - 03/06/2013
still shooting my 08 guardian...still love it...still probably not going to buy anything else ;)
9.) JB - 03/10/2013
I have a couple good old bows that probably are outdated by some comparisons but they are still such a pleasure to shoot one is the Hoyt Xtec 05' and the other is an 06 Bowtech Tribute...I also have a Diamond Iceman that I have had a lot of fun with...I think I am gonna let some things go and maybe buy something else later on when I find a bow that I just havta have...
10.) Hunter - 03/10/2013
I'm with BULLZi, still shooting my DXT. See no reason to change.
11.) Deerminator - 03/10/2013
The O'l Deerminized Oneida H500
12.) String Twister - 04/03/2013
2012 vendetta DC
Will be picking up some form of a reverse draw xbow soon too.
13.) bluecat - 04/03/2013
Vector 35

Will be picking up a recurve this summer.
14.) Stewy - 04/03/2013
An Area 5150 Angler, an Excalibur Phoenix crossbow, and just bought a Monster Bows Phoenix yesterday.
15.) Deerminator - 04/04/2013
Stewy, how do you like 5150's Angler?
16.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/04/2013
Carbon matrix +.
Vendetta xl.
Horton fury
17.) Old Crow - 04/04/2013
Bowtech - Guardian for Hunting
Bowtech - Specialist - 3D / Target
18.) Go Bucks - 04/04/2013
3D... Hoyt Vector 35
Hunting... Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT
No apparent purpose... Hoyt Vantage Elite +
19.) Go Bucks - 04/04/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;4729]Carbon matrix +.
Vendetta xl.
Horton fury[/QUOTE]

Hmmmm... what manufacturer gets first listing?
20.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/04/2013
I should have said Horton fury first.
21.) Go Bucks - 04/04/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;4745]I should have said Horton fury first.[/QUOTE]

You got Hoyt on your mind... and cant help it.
22.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/04/2013
I might sell the vendetta xl.
23.) Vortex69 - 04/04/2013
Did some house cleaning so I'm down to 5.

24.) String Twister - 04/04/2013
I am going to grab a fury. you like it so far OH?
The reverse draw market is pretty limited but i like the fury for the cost...
25.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/04/2013
Yeah i like it. For a Xbow its pretty quite. Shoots pretty good out to 50 yards.
26.) Stewy - 04/04/2013
[QUOTE=Deerminator;4727]Stewy, how do you like 5150's Angler?[/QUOTE]

I love it my friend, sweetest, smoothest draw I have ever felt, and it shoots hard.
27.) bucknut - 04/05/2013
Switched over to a Hoyt this year......went with the Carbon Element. I shot my first year of 3D and I loved it. Can't wait to sit in a tree and smoke some back straps!
28.) TXHunter - 04/08/2013
still shooting my Bowtech Guardian.

PLUS....these :)

 photo IMAG0828_zps655048d7.jpg

 photo IMAG0834_zps2a108f9f.jpg
29.) L&L - 10/14/2013
i recently purchased the mathews creed, this bow is like excellent!... i still have my switchback xt as well...a pse coyote recurve.. and a horton hunter crossbow for when i take the kiddo's out for a hunt
30.) jbone - 10/18/2013
Hoyt Maxxis 31.
31.) XJCraver - 10/18/2013
Old thread, how did I miss this? Must've got buried, what with all the traffic... :laugh:

Anyway, I'll be the 3rd to say I'm still shooting my DXT. I just like it too much to give it up.
32.) LCA - 10/21/2013
I picked this up a few days ago, Monster 7.
33.) L&L - 10/21/2013
very nice!!!!!!!
34.) L&L - 10/21/2013
[QUOTE=LCA;11954]I picked this up a few days ago, Monster 7.

how do you like howit feels and shoots?......the creed i have is awesome
35.) LCA - 10/21/2013
[QUOTE=L&L;11956]how do you like howit feels and shoots?......the creed i have is awesome[/QUOTE]

Shoots good, i like the grip alot one of my favorites... not as quiet as my turbo though and dosent "feel" as fast. I like the looks of the creed, i would be looking into it if i were in the market for a hunting only bow for sure. I think i am starting to feel the urge to buy a new bow soon... not sure witch ones are going to Faktor in my decision though. :wink