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1.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
i like the tigers to go all the way.that are the cardnials or oakland maybe pitt might sneak in there..
2.) billy b - 09/29/2013
I gotta take the Rangers if they win today. I know they're underdogs but they played good to get where they are.
3.) DParker - 09/29/2013
[QUOTE=billy b;11245]I gotta take the Rangers if they win today. I know they're underdogs but they played good to get where they are.[/QUOTE]

You're a far more positive and upbeat fan than I am. They've done well considering the significant loss of star players and all of the injuries, but they're nowhere near the team they were the previous two seasons.
4.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
does ryan nolan still pit6ch for them?
5.) DParker - 09/29/2013
Yeah...sales pitches...from his office.

But back in the day, if you were going to charge the mound when Nolan was on it, you'd better bring your 'A' game.

6.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
i dont think he could of hurt a fly with those punches... i liked ryan nolan he was a good pitcher..

back when i used to play there were no rules..
7.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
back when i used to play i could switch off from 3rd base to second base without any question asked..wher ever the action was thats where i wanted to be..
8.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
batters feared me..
9.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
thats back when i used to play ball..and i challenge anderson silva for a cage match but busted my ring toe in a car accident..pretty much ended my whole carear..
10.) billy b - 09/29/2013
What the hell is a ring toe, are you a girl:cf::jd:
11.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
in youre dreams billy..

12.) crookedeye - 09/29/2013
thats back when i used to be a hippy..
13.) billy b - 09/30/2013
Did you not bathe & all that stuff...........ewwwww?
14.) crookedeye - 10/05/2013
one heck of a game between the braves and the dodgers..you gotta love the fans from atlanta and the tomahawk chop chant..
15.) DParker - 10/05/2013
They're still playing baseball? I thought they'd have the courtesy to just call the whole thing off after the Rangers blew their season.
16.) crookedeye - 10/05/2013
the longhorns pulled one out last night ...mack might get to keep his job for one more week.
17.) crookedeye - 10/05/2013
that was one good game..

i dont no if i should make an official presidents golf tournament thread or not..
18.) crookedeye - 10/05/2013
19.) crookedeye - 10/27/2013
how bout them carndials??or whatever.... this is a series now.. harry carry is the man..
20.) L&L - 10/27/2013
i predict cards the winners....
21.) crookedeye - 10/27/2013
I new you would...
22.) L&L - 10/27/2013
can i recall my last post?.......lol
23.) crookedeye - 10/27/2013
nice to see you again..
24.) L&L - 10/27/2013
thanks CE .... this ball games an up and down kinda thing.....its weird
25.) crookedeye - 10/27/2013
that's what she said..
26.) L&L - 10/27/2013
she coulda lied though.....:tu:
27.) L&L - 10/31/2013
well, i was wrong....boston wins the world series.....* hangs head in shame*