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1.) MAARCHER - 10/02/2013
Bear, Mission, Elite have released their 14 line if anyone is interested.
2.) ARCHERXP - 01/26/2014
I hope to revive this thread.

Out of the 2014 bows, what have been your experiences shooting them?
3.) Ar-mink - 01/26/2014
I try not to shoot new bows,if I do I get the new bow bug. That combined with the AR bug and 4 wheeler bug would probably lead to divorce. :re:
4.) ARCHERXP - 01/26/2014
hehe i hear ya.

so far i've held on to my '07 Commander and '08 Marquis
5.) Deerminator - 01/26/2014
I'am going to have a new rig and set up this year.

I'm eyeballing the Elite Tour. Also looking at a Bowtech Carbon Knight.
Also a new release, ( I normally shoot fingers ), a peep ( normally go without a peep ).
Should be interesting. I'll post my thoughts on the bows. Starting off with a test run on the Elite next weekend.

Still haveing a hard time thinking about putting my Oneida H500 down.:-)
6.) Ar-mink - 01/26/2014
[QUOTE=ARCHERXP;15440]hehe i hear ya.

so far i've held on to my '07 Commander and '08 Marquis[/QUOTE]

I'm still extremely happy with my Heli-m. I haven't had no real reason to look; other than to see the progress (or lack there of) that bow company's have made over the past few years.
7.) NEBigAl - 01/27/2014
I shot the new Elite yesterday, that's a sweet bow!
8.) ARCHERXP - 01/27/2014
I really enjoyed shooting the 35
9.) Deerminator - 02/10/2014
I tested some Elite bows yesterday. The Energy 35 and 32. and a Hunter from 2013.

Great bows. All bows shot great. Slightly diferent set up on each. Different or no stablizers. Hard / soft cam, I like the soft cam. It draws smooth and easy through the cycle. The let off vally is longer than most bows. You can hold at full draw and not have the bow wanting or trying to shoot the arrow before you want to.
There is some room to move a little like in some hunting situations. The deer just needs that 1/2 step to be in the open type shoots. or, at full draw for a long time. Leting down is easy.
A solid back wall that you can set exactly where you want it. Can change the poundage with out a press but ya need a press to do any string work.
Seems like ya can't buy a bow now days unless ya get a press to go with it.
There is alot of excellent bows out there today. Many of them can be set up properly to be dead on the shot. No recoil, no nuth'n. As were these bows.
FPS has to be around ( according to the charts ), 320fps at 29" at 70lbs, about 320fps at 60lbs with a 350gr arrow.

I really wanted to try a Tour. That is Elite's version of a target bow. With a soft cam. A little slower but betchya that baby is SmmOOOOOOTH.
But of course they didn't have one.
I 'll have to try a few other dealers around here.
The Tour is 38" ATA , the 35 is 34 3/4 and the 32 is 31 3/4 ATA.
Brace height is 7 7/8 for the Tour and,7" for the 35, and the 32
10.) Deerminator - 02/10/2014
I have found that of the 3 Elite dealers around here no one has the Elite target bow, the Tour.
It's 38" ATA and brace at 7 7/8 should be smoother than the 35 and more finger shooter frendly.
Also the longer ATA puts the string and peep closer to your eye. Better sight window.

I could prolly get one of the dealers to buy a Tour for the shop or for me if I commited $450.
Then wait 5 weeks or more:pop:
11.) ARCHERXP - 02/10/2014
so far the only thing i can see going wrong with the elites is if they haven't gotten their cerakote coating down
12.) Deerminator - 02/12/2014
E- mailes the comany 2 days ago. They are ony about 1 1/2 hrs away.
Asked if I could try a Tour there. Haven't heard from them yet.
13.) JimP - 02/12/2014
Elite is only 5 minutes from my house D. Its an assembly place and office. They don't have a showroom or range there. But hope they get back with you as to who in your area has one.
14.) Deerminator - 02/12/2014
Hi Jim

Hay buddy, can you sneek over there at around 3:00Am and look around for a 60lb 2014 Tour.:wink

They gota have a bag set up in there. I'll bring my own target. :grin:

Unfortunutly the dealers have to purchase the bows from the factory. They don't seem to want to shell out the 900 bucks
for something they might not sell. Which I can understand.
15.) Deerminator - 02/20/2014
Heading over to Rochester Saturday to check out the Tour by Elite.:tu:
Give ya a report when I get back
16.) JimP - 02/21/2014
You going to a dealer or right to Elite?
17.) Deerminator - 02/22/2014
Going to Traditions Archery where Elite will drop a bow for me to check out. Should be there around noon.:grin:
18.) ARCHERXP - 02/22/2014
nice =)

can't wait to get the report
19.) JimP - 02/22/2014
Report in soldier! How did you like it?
20.) Deerminator - 02/23/2014
I like it ALOT!!...................... I'm buy'n one Monday...................... Camo riser with black limbs.
I asked Carrie Ann at Elite for the soft cam. I'm not sure if I tried the Tour with the TXS cam or not. Ill find out Monday.
The draw was smooth and easy. Great release and dead on the shot. Everything that they advertise it as.
The tour is marketed as [I]forgiving[/I]. I won't know that untill I have shot it for a while. Sold draw stop and a nice length to the let-off valley.
Within a few minutes I know I could drill the bull without sights. It puts out a fast arrow. A tad bit slower than the other models like the Energy 35 or 32.
Speed is around 300fps, +/- 15fps either way in the 28-29" draw length with a 350gr arrow at around 60-70lbs depending on the set up.
Tom, the owner of Traditions Archery quoted a price for the bare bow at $850, $860 was the price I got from a dealer over here by me. A little more $ for target colors.
There has or was an issue of string stretch on some of their bows. Winners choice strings shouldn't do that so that should be a non issue.
The bow is light and should not be much heavier with all the ancillary stuff on it.
Really a sweet shooting bow that isn't as expensive as some of the other bow manufacturers. I couldn't find anything bad to say about it or any of their other bows.

I also stopped by the 2014 Cam Classic indoor 3D shoot at Monroe College just up the road. Texo's son was working the Copper John booth.
It was a huge event with 300 some entries for the 2 day shoot.
All the really cool Rinehart targets were out there. All targets were at marked distances. Our 28 3D range at Texo's looked to be more difficult.
Met people from all over and Canida as well.

I might have to try that shoot next year. :wink
21.) Deerminator - 02/23/2014
HAAY, my wink emotioncon didn't come thru
22.) JimP - 02/23/2014
Sounds like a successful trip. Traditions is maybe 5 minutes from my house. Wish I could have hooked up with you.
23.) Deerminator - 02/23/2014
Yea, I't would have been great after all these years on the putor. I would have letchya buy me lunch:-)

That is a very small shop and range. Must be insane on league nights.
24.) crookedeye - 02/23/2014
looks like you both dodge a bullet...
25.) ARCHERXP - 02/24/2014
26.) NEBigAl - 03/10/2014
Shot the Bowtech 360 yesterday, that is a sweet shooting bow!
27.) Deerminator - 03/10/2014
They are nice even at 31" ATA
28.) Deerminator - 04/02/2014
I have had the bow since last Thursday. Did some sighting in Monday.
The Tour shoots great. Very smooth draw and fast quick release. Dead in the hand.
I need to get my pins out more to the left.
That's a frankin-sight. Parts of a ANTIS and parts from a Copper John hunting sight.
A few washers will fix that.
But outside of that little adjustment and me getting used to shooting with a release, peep and a new fast bow.
I really like the Elite Tour. I figure if a target bow is designed to shoot more consistently than a hunting bow. Then a camo target bow
is the way to go. Texo mentioned that the Tour was easyer to draw than his Specialest.
85% let off I could manage the bow easily at full draw. Which was real nice cause I'm still finding where my draw and ancher point is.
My old style of recurve / Oneida shooting is changing to modern hitech 2014 shooting. I see where doing things while wearing a release is going to be interesting as well as certain shooting situations. Snap shooting might be tough.

I'll post some more details later when Texo gets the chrono back and I get used to shooting this new hitech stuff.

 photo DSCF0580_zpsa0f0addc.jpg

 photo DSCF0581_zpsa1dfd9c6.jpg

 photo DSCF0592_zps06691c54.jpg

 photo DSCF0593_zps4007603a.jpg

 photo DSCF0594_zps58a861e9.jpg

 photo DSCF0598_zps6dc62245.jpg

 photo DSCF0596_zps810e1025.jpg

 photo DSCF0602_zpsfd8f81a4.jpg
29.) Ventilator - 04/02/2014
I bet shooting running deers and drinkin beers is a helluva fun concept! :)
30.) Deerminator - 04/02/2014
It's the greatest. Now when I start shooting the running deer thue the peep, THAT"S when I'll know I'm one with the bow.:-)
31.) LCA - 04/05/2014
Was browsing through and thought i would share a couple pics of my new ride for this year.

32.) Triton Rich - 04/05/2014
[B]Nice looking rigs D and LCA!

Deerminator, It's good to see that you seem to be getting along with all the new equipment. I wanted to address a couple things that you talked about. Most releases, and it appears yours, will fold away so you can tuck them into your sleeve while you are climbing into your stand or whatever. Just don't forget to fold it back out while you're setting up! You also mentioned snap shooting. I assume you mean taking a quick shot should the situation call for it. I practice that at the end of many of my shooting sessions. When I start getting tired and it is getting more difficult to hold steady while aiming for several seconds, I practice 1 or 2 more rounds where I draw and quickly shoot. Rather than trying to hold steady and centered on the bullseye, I just quickly get the pin close to the bull and fire. I only practice this at 20 yards and usually get surprisingly decent groups. I can only see using the technique on a very close shot, maybe 15 yards, when I might only get that one opportunity at a deer. I like your choice of release style. I switched to the hook style myself after occasionally having a little trouble finding the loop with the jaw type and a deer in the area![/B]
33.) Deerminator - 04/05/2014
LCA, nice bow. The 35 I shot was really sweet. Good looking rig:tu:

Your avitar is really sweet as well:wink
Just got a call from the shop. My 2 piece color matching 6 arrow quiver is in.:grin:

Triton, , I'm also finding out I can't reload as fast with the release on. I'll have to practice the movments.

I could reload in about 5 seconds shooting fingers. A little longer right now. But I'll get it.
34.) Deerminator - 04/07/2014
35.) Triton Rich - 04/07/2014

[B]Do tell![/B]
36.) Deerminator - 04/07/2014
37.) Triton Rich - 04/08/2014
[B]OK, I don't get it. What are you all giddy about? First robin hood with the new bow?[/B]
38.) Deerminator - 04/08/2014
Not yet but really close. I got the quiver and black rubber grips for it.
It's almost fully dressed.
Bluecat wanted to see it so I searched 2014 bows and came up with nothing. I finally found the thread and bumped it up.

By the way, I like your new 1911:tu: I'm looking at the small 9mm Sigs
39.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2014
LCA---I like the disco thing you have going on there! :tu:

40.) LCA - 04/09/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;18578]LCA---I like the disco thing you have going on there! :tu:


:wave:. thanks..... i think :tu:
41.) Triton Rich - 04/09/2014

By the way, I like your new 1911:tu: I'm looking at the small 9mm Sigs[/QUOTE]

Thanks Man! Are you speaking of the P224 perhaps? There may be a pocket 9 in my future also, if I ever get around to obtaining my ccw that is :-)
42.) Deerminator - 04/09/2014
I'm likeing the Sig P938

43.) bucknut - 06/07/2014
I picked up an Elite Energy 35 half way through league this year. It is a bit longer than the bows I have been shooting. I still have my G3 Element......and switching from a short bow to the Elite took a bit to get used to.
The Elite is a nice drawing bow with a great back wall. It does not want to jump out of your hands. So far so good!
44.) crookedeye - 06/07/2014
i picked up some salmon fillets to put on the smoker..they seem fresh..will see...
45.) Swamp Fox - 06/07/2014
Bullz-i picked up a rash in Barcelona, but that didn't stop him from going back....
46.) Deerminator - 06/07/2014
47.) crookedeye - 06/08/2014
I picked up some zesty Cheetos, there a lot hotter than the regular Cheetos.. so far I like the zesty Cheetos compared to the spicey cheeto's..

I guess time will tell....
48.) Deerminator - 06/08/2014
I like the jalapeno bugles if you can find them.
49.) NEBigAl - 06/08/2014
Just put the ol APA up for sale. Now to decide what the hell Im gonna buy
50.) bucknut - 06/08/2014
Glad to see the Hi Jacking continues..........
51.) bucknut - 06/08/2014
I picked up on that right away. :tu:
52.) Swamp Fox - 06/08/2014
Good to see you alive and kicking, Bucknut!

53.) NEBigAl - 06/14/2014
Im the owner of a 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 :grin:
54.) Deerminator - 06/14/2014
pics and specs