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1.) Triton Rich - 10/08/2013
[PHP][/PHP][B]I took my 9 year old Daughter out last evening and we just had a great time. She has been anxious to go all year and we finally got the chance. We got her all dressed in her new camo and headed out to a double ladder stand. Perhaps 40 minutes or so passed without any deer. We spent the time whispering back and forth and sending out an occasional doe bleat with a can call (she loves playing with the calls). Soon we saw a fawn run accross the far corner of the field. I cautioned her to try not to move too much since the deer were starting to move. (this is a near futile warning for a young kid by the way). We started hearing noises accross the creek and knew more deer were on the way. An older doe emerged from the cover and started angling in front us. I carefully switched to a diferent arrow with the Rage hypodermic and a nockturnal lighted nock, I had been planning to try that arrow out on a doe. Soon the deer was in a good position and I drew back. I aimed carefully just above the leg and grunted to stop her. She froze and I released the arrow. The bow lurched violently and the arrow dove downwards well under the doe. I had forgotten about the shooting rail on the ladder stand. My lower cam banged into it sending about 30 bucks of hardware down into the foot thick heavy grass below. The doe and a couple other deer ran back to the creek they came from. I hung the bow back up with an arrow in it. My daughter told me that when I was about to shoot, she felt all jiggly inside! I said "yep, that's what happens". We were still talking and giggling about what had happened when the deer came right back out. They were real suspicious and keeping a close eye on us. It took several minutes to get my bow again and I very nearly got a 30 yard shot at another doe but she turned away and took several steps and the opportunity was gone. There was two small bucks behind the does, we watched them all walk out of sight. Another small buck showed up late to end the evening. When it got dark, I went to look for the arrow. The tall grass field had several layers of old grass all laid down on the ground and is very thick. I never saw the red glow from the nock and I believe it failed. I rebuilt the nock myself so I must have messed something up. I'll go back with a metal detector and I should be able to find it. We walked back up the hill to my Dad's house. As I was putting my bow in the truck, I could hear my daughter bursting through the front door to tell Mamma and Papa about our hunt. She was very excited. We chatted the whole way home and she can't wait to go again. It's a shame I couldn't get the deer. My daughter had a whole plan, we would go get Papa and all of us would blood trail and find the deer together. In spite of the mishap, we had a very enjoyable and memorable evening and we'll be going out together again soon. She will be developing into a young lady very soon and I only hope and pray that she will still be interested in the outdoors and spending time with Daddy. [/B][QUOTE][/QUOTE]
2.) Swamp Fox - 10/08/2013
Nice story. Very cute! It's best she sees the tough stuff early, LOL.


3.) Triton Rich - 10/08/2013
[B]Couple pics from yesterday.[/B]

 photo cnme_zpsc7911339.jpg

 photo cammys_zps6c66aa6c.jpg
4.) Floyd - 10/08/2013
5.) Pa bowhunter - 10/08/2013
Very cool story, sounds like daddy may have a little huntress on his hands...:tu::tu:
6.) Hunter - 10/09/2013
This is great!!
7.) CHRIS - 10/09/2013
Excellent story Rich. Keep us posted on her future hunting adventures with you.
8.) bluecat - 10/09/2013
That is awesome!
9.) Deerminator - 10/10/2013
Excellent story and a great adventure. Just one of the best memories you two will have.
10.) XJCraver - 10/11/2013
That's awesome. :tu:

Got my first deer with my daughter as a partner last year, out of a blind. She didn't stop smiling for days, and has been pestering me [I]incessantly[/I] about taking her this year. Makes a guy feel good!!
11.) billy b - 10/11/2013
Great story Rich, there is nothing better than hunting with your children (& grandchildren in my case):tu:
12.) Leighton - 10/11/2013
Better luck next time Rich , great story and pics.:tu: