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1.) Jon - 03/05/2013
Sometimes the box at the bottom where the quick reply goes is unavailable, is it my machine or a function of something in the site??
2.) Alex - 03/05/2013
its a bug. We are seeing it in all the forums. It only usually shows up on pages when you are on page 2+ of a multipage thread.
Until they figure out a fix, use the go advanced button.
3.) luv2bowhunt - 03/05/2013
Either that or hit the "X" at the top right corner of the monitor. Either way fixes the problem.
4.) Alex - 03/05/2013
I cant get it to break anymore for me. It used to. It seems like it loads fine and then disappears. I think its because the CSS for it isnt loading right. Sometimes if you just refresh the window it comes back.
Hitting the Go Advanced is a 100% work around though.
5.) Alex - 03/05/2013
I just installed a modification that gives you the full editor in place of the quick reply.
Hoping that might also resolve the box disappearing as an added benefit.
Let me know.
6.) Jon - 03/05/2013
I was just using the "go advanced" button when it happened, fixes the issue but just wondered
7.) Jon - 03/05/2013
[COLOR="#008000"]Guess it will be easier to go back to my GREEN font anyway![/COLOR]
8.) Alex - 03/05/2013
Is the new full reply boax showing up for you?
9.) Jag - 03/05/2013
It's showing for me. The full reply box that is.
10.) DParker - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;769]its a [B]feature[/B].[/QUOTE]

11.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/05/2013
You act like you know whatcha r doing.
12.) hoyt_em - 03/06/2013
Must not a been on the pot on that message...
13.) Jon - 03/06/2013
It's still happening Alex, just now with the different box. Same thing, if I go use the advanced button, problem fixed
14.) Alex - 03/06/2013
yeah... I am going to have to report the bug to them... I cant seem to figure out what's causing it. It was like that with a fresh install so it's nothing I did :P
15.) OKY - 03/06/2013
It no worky worky! I don't know if I have noticed that issue when I'mon my phone, just the ccomputer.
16.) Alex - 03/06/2013
it only happens when you are on a second page of a long thread right?
You can minimize that if you want by going into your settings and increasing the number of posts per page so you have to jump pages less often.

I will report it and see what we can do.
17.) Jon - 03/06/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]It actually worked fine this time but I've only noticed it happens on page 2 or more of a long thread[/COLOR]
18.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/06/2013
It only happens when Im on the laptop. When on my phone its not a problem
19.) Jon - 03/06/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]True that Dave, same for me[/COLOR]
20.) BULLZ-i - 03/06/2013
"quick reply" unSTabled sometimes???

21.) Alex - 03/06/2013
can you go to the second page of this thread

Make sure you have the night vision style and tell me if is still doesnt work.