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1.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
I would all like you to say a pray for my good friend jimmy..he passed away last night ..more so for his family.. he's in a better place even though I joke, my heart is heavy. he's the guy I always went turkey hunting with and deer hunting..my mind is still in a fog..jimmy was my friend. one of my best friends..you guys would of liked him..
2.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
last time I seen him he was over my dads for the race last sunday..next thing I know he's dead...freakin life sucks..
3.) NEBigAl - 11/22/2013
Im sorry buddy, we're here for you. Thoughts go out to you and his family
4.) Triton Rich - 11/22/2013
[B]I'm so sorry to hear this CE, :pray: to his friends and family and to you. [/B]
5.) billy b - 11/22/2013
Truly sorry to hear this Rick, my prayers are with Jimmy, family & you too.
6.) luv2bowhunt - 11/22/2013
Sorry to hear of your grief. Prayers sent for you and the family. Life is fragile and eternity is waiting ahead for all of us.
7.) Wild Bob - 11/22/2013
Peace and God bless his family.
8.) Ventilator - 11/22/2013
Sorry to hear that CE. Hope all goes well with his family.
9.) bluecat - 11/22/2013
Sorry CE. Thoughts and prayers to you all.
10.) Swamp Fox - 11/22/2013
You do Jimmy the honor of saying he was your friend, and telling us we would have liked him. I'm not sure there are any higher compliments.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'll keep Jimmy and all who loved him in my prayers.
11.) Hunter - 11/22/2013
Sorry to hear, CE. Prayers to all
12.) BULLZ-i - 11/22/2013
13.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
thanks boyz..about 10 years ago we all shot an arrow into this 3 inch limb way up into a tree.. the4 of them are still there..i'm looking forward of going down there pretty soon and checking out them arrows..
14.) billy b - 11/22/2013
Take a picture & let us see, I hope they are all still there.
15.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
next time I go down there I will..i lost all my pics since my last computer crash.. my brother said he can save them somehow by taking out my harddrive.."that's what she said

\billy there still there I seen them this year..

and to swampy.. thank you for youre kind words. you almost brang a tear to my eye.. i'm not going to make fun of you for at least a week now..:tu:
16.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
one thing we do is check out the arrows every year.. I don't no about 3 inch ..maybe 8 inch limb..lol... but they were all a hell of a shot.. it took all of us one arrow..
17.) luv2bowhunt - 11/22/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;12904]and to swampy.. .. i'm not going to make fun of you for at least a week now..:tu:[/QUOTE]

Making fun of him always makes me feel better. I wouldn't hold back on that now, I'd go full speed with it.
18.) DParker - 11/22/2013
So, if I may ask....what happened?
19.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
I have no idea..he had high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes..didnt exercise..... I guess it happen wendsday..he bought some fast food..my dad went over there because his mom called and he didn't show up for work.. he ate one sammich... one was in the bag..and he was lying on his bed dead..

it could have been anything...
20.) DParker - 11/22/2013
Well, that sucks...and I'm sorry to hear it. High blood pressure and diabetes is a scary combination, so yeah, it could have been many things.
21.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
[QUOTE=DParker;12912]Well, that sucks...and I'm sorry to hear it. High blood pressure and diabetes is a scary combination, so yeah, it could have been many things.[/QUOTE]

me and him always joked about that kind of thing. you think it'll never happen..
22.) billy b - 11/22/2013
Here's to Jimmy

23.) billy b - 11/22/2013
Here's to jimmy, it really starts at the 1 minute mark

24.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
good song billy boy..
25.) billy b - 11/22/2013
Sorry for the double, I thought it didn't take the first time.
26.) crookedeye - 11/22/2013
27.) Ohbuckhunter - 11/22/2013
Sorry for your lose Rick. My prayers are with his family and yours.
28.) XJCraver - 11/25/2013