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1.) Wild Bob - 11/25/2013
What say we all chine in with one of our favorite recipes to share amongst each other for the Holiday season...

Who's going to go first? :cool:
2.) luv2bowhunt - 11/25/2013
I don't cook. I married someone to take care of that for me.....and bake..........she's an unbelievable baker. I just eat and buy ingredients for cooking.

I could post one of hers but then you would eat as good as me........and then I'd be sad. :wave:
3.) Ventilator - 11/25/2013
From the size of you luv2, i would have guessed u for a veagan! :grin::-)
4.) Wild Bob - 11/25/2013
OK, leave it to Beaver to hijack this one out of the starting gate! :bang:

Come on now Luv2, at least share what type of stuffing she makes for you...is it stuffing, dressing, does it have oysters in it, or is it stovetop??? :-)

Or is Ventilator right...is just veggies...?
5.) luv2bowhunt - 11/26/2013
Stovetop?????????? God forbid no, oh man no.

That stuff has manmade materials in it. No it's good old fashioned Amish stuffing. Mashed potatoes, roast turkey, homemade bread, corn we cut off the cobb, roasted brussel sprouts, homemade applesauce, pumpkin pie with real whipped cream, and a chocolate pie.

I think that's what's on the menu for Thursday. I might help cut something up and carve the turkey, but mostly I'll play with grandkids and watch a little football.
6.) Wild Bob - 11/26/2013
Here is a favorite drink of mine I always make around Thanksgiving. It's for homemade Irish Cream:

1/2 cup whiskey (can go upto 3/4 if you want it stronger)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 pint of heavy whipping cream
2 Tablespoons Vanilla
4 Tablespoons Water
4 Tablespoons chocolate syrup

Blend all together really well, keep in refridgerator (or you can even freeze)
- Enjoy, goes really good in that evening cup of coffee on a cold night!
7.) luv2bowhunt - 11/26/2013
Sounds like something I want in my coffee cup first thing in the morning, at work.

Hey at least I gave you a response, unlike the other 7 people that are on here. Alex gave us a new playground with lots and lots of elbow room.

It does get a bit noisy with the loud echo in here. No BULLZ-ear posting every 45 seconds anymore.:td:

........I swear if I knew a recipe I'd post one. Here's how I do the pumpkin pie.

Sit on couch until you hear the sound of someone working on something in the kitchen.
Watch dogs exit room to investigate noise in kitchen.
Stay on couch until you smell something baking.
Walk out to kitchen and ask cook if that is a pumpkin pie in the oven.
If yes, smile and open the oven door a crack to verify.
If no, confirm that cook is going to be making a pumpkin pie.
Once pie making is confirmed, make sure cook will be using real whipping cream.
If no, complain until cook agrees to use real whipping cream.
Once time is up, have cook remove pie from oven for cool down period.
Once cooled, stand impatiently and wait for cook to whip the whipping cream.
Have cook cut generous size portion of pie and place on plate. Install whipping cream, and take back to the couch.

.....repeat as necessary.:tu:
8.) Wild Bob - 11/26/2013
:applause: That's good...I like it.

Although, I gotta confess - those tactics in my house would lead to me being...hungry.
9.) Wild Bob - 11/26/2013
Well, come to think of it....I could also give you a really good recipe for how I make my log roll...

Nah, you probably don't want that one! :bad:
10.) Ventilator - 11/26/2013
lol, well i do like the drink recipe! May have to hijack that! :tu:
11.) DParker - 11/26/2013
I'll kick in a tip on the pumpkin pie, assuming you're ever overtaken by the urge to help out the little woman AND improve the quality of the pie all in one swell foop. Two words:

Roasted pumpkin.

It makes a huge difference (for the better) in the flavor of the pie compared with boiled (or...*shudder*...canned) pumpkin. Just slice a small sugar pumpkin (or whatever variety you can get locally that are grown for their smaller size and higher-than-normal sugar content) in half, scoop out the guts, lightly brush some oil on the cut surfaces, place the halves cut side down on a baking sheet and pop it into the oven to bake @ 350 for about 45-60 minutes, or until tender. Remove, let cool and then scoop out the flesh...which is a bonus benefit of the method, as it's much easier to scoop the soft flesh out after roasting than it is to cube up a raw pumpkin for boiling.
12.) bluecat - 11/26/2013
Here's a some good recipes submitted by some youngsters:

Thanksgiving Recipes by Kids

A Thanksgiving Cookbook
by Mrs. Geraghty's Kindergarten Class

NOTE: Mrs. Geraghty will not be responsible for medical bills resulting from use of her cookbook

Ivette - Banana Pie
You buy some bananas and crust. Then you mash them up and put them in the pie. Then you eat it.

Russell - Turkey
You cut the turkey up and put it in the oven for ten minutes and 300 degrees. You put gravy on it and eat it.

Geremy - Turkey
You buy the turkey and take the paper off. Then you put it in the refrigerator and take it back out and cut it with a knife and make sure all the wires are out and take out the neck and heart. Then you put it in a big pan and cook it for half an hour at 80 degrees. Then you invite people over and eat.

Andrew - Pizza
Buy some dough, some cheese and pepperoni. Then you cook it for 10 hours at 5 degrees. Then you eat it.

Shelby - Applesauce
Go to the store and buy some apples, and then you squish them up. Then you put them in a jar that says, "Applesauce." Then you eat it.

Meghan H. - Turkey
You cut it into 16 pieces and then you leave it in the oven for 15 minutes and 4 degrees. you take it out and let it cool and then after 5 minutes, then you eat it.

Danny - Turkey
You put some salt on it to make it taste good. Then you put it in the oven. Then you cook it for an hour at 5 degrees. Then you eat it.

Brandon - Turkey
First you buy it at Fred Meyer. Then you cut it up and cook it for 15 hours at 200 degrees. Then you take it out and eat it.

Megan K - Chicken
You put it in the oven for 25 minutes and 25 degrees and put gravy on it and eat it.

Christa - Cookies
Buy some dough and smash it and cut them out. Then put them in the oven for 2 hours at 100 degrees. Then take them out and dry them off. Then it's time to eat them.

Grace - Turkey
First you add some salt. Then you put it in a bowl. Then you put brown sugar on it. Then you mix it all together with a spoon and then you add some milk and mix it again. And then you put it in a pan. Then you put it in the oven for 15 minutes and 16 degrees. Then you take it out of the oven and then you eat it.

Alan - Turkey
First you shoot it and then you cut it. And then you put it in the oven and cook it for 10 minutes and 20 degrees. You put it on plates and then you eat it.

Jordan S - Chocolate Pudding
Buy some chocolate pudding mix. Then you add the milk. Then you add the pudding mix. Then you stir it. Then you put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to get hard. Then you eat it.

Christopher - Pumpkin Pie
First you buy a pumpkin and smash it. Then it is all done. And you cook it in the oven for 12 minutes and 4 degrees. Then you eat it.

Ashley - Chicken
Put it in the oven. Then cut it up. Then I eat it.

Jennie - Corn
My mom buys it. Then you throw it. Then you cook it. Then you eat it.

Jordan - Cranberry Pie
Put cranberry juice in it. Then you put berries in it. Then you put dough in it. Then you bake it. Then you eat it.

Adam - Pumpkin Pie
First you put pumpkin seeds in it. Put it in a pan and bake it at 5 degrees for 6 minutes. Then take it out and eat it.

Jarryd - Deer Jerky
Put it in the oven overnight at 20 degrees. Then you go hunting and bring it with you. Then you eat it.

Joplyn - Apple Pie
Take some apples, mash them up. Take some bread and make a pie with it. Get some dough and squish it. Shape the dough into a pie shape. Put the apples in it. Then bake it at 9 degrees for 15 minutes.

Isabelle - Spaghetti
Put those red things in it. Then put the spaghetti in it. Then cook it in the oven for 2 minutes at 8 degrees.

Bailey - Chicken
Put pepper and spices on it. Cook for one hour at 60 degrees. Then eat it.

Nicholas - White and Brown Pudding
First you read the wrapper. Get a piece of water. Stir. Then you eat it.

Sean - Turkey
Put it in the oven for 5 minutes at 55 degrees. Take it out and eat it.

Lauren - Turkey
First you find a turkey and kill it. Cut it open. Put it in a pan. Pour milk in the pan. Put a little chicken with it. Put salsa on it. Take out of pan. Put it on the board. Cut into little pieces. Put on a rack. Put in the oven for 7 minutes at 10 degrees. Take out of the oven and put eensy weensy bit of sugar on it. Put a little more salsa on it. Then you eat it.

Received from Thomas Ellsworth.
13.) CHRIS - 11/26/2013
those kid recipes are priceless. thanks for sharing.
I'm with luv2 I don't do anything but show up and eat. my wife and her sisters are way to good of cooks for me to throw my "deer camp cooking methods" in things.
I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!!
14.) Wild Bob - 11/27/2013
Bluecat - those kids recipes are classic...shared them with my wife and had a good laugh!
15.) Bob Peck - 11/27/2013
This time of year I've tapped most of the marital points accumulated throughout the year by faithfully completed and exceeding the expectations on the "honey-do" list. This is a cyclical thing which is essentially a lose/lose for me because the totality of the marital points accumulated by completion of the "honey-do" list (expanded deck, masonry outdoor fireplace, repainting cathedral ceiling, garden, canning, lawn mowing diligence, etc) will always be at an inverse ratio to the actual work. Why? Who do you think controls the list? Not me. Anyway ... I digress [SIZE=1](which is different than hijack). [/SIZE]

To accumulate additional bonus points to carry me through December and Jan, I leverage the holidays. I am the supreme bartender who never lets a wine glass deplete past half full and has another cold beer ready to feed the pipeline. As if that weren't enough, I have tenderloin wrapped in bacon on the grill with my not-so-secret Montreal Seasoning (which must be like "French toast" which isn't French at all) dusting the surface. That's just the start though.

Thanksgiving finds the males in the clan predictably laying around after the meal watching football and drinking (again). I capitalize on their inattention to the females by offering to do all the dishes including the pots and pans, cleaning up the table and repackaging the leftovers. Don't feel sorry for me though. I am in immediate proximity to the food, beverages and have football on the little TV in the kitchen. Why suffer?

Predictably the females (including the honey-do list author) are duly impressed, relax for a bit, retreat to the family room and wait out a suitable amount of time before proceeding to desert. When they (the females) make a move to offer desert to the lounging and often comatose males they always end up feeling sorry for me slaving away, won't let me struggle alone through *all* the work and inevitably pitch in. I slip away slowly, stalking towards the other lounging males. Eh? Eh?

These Thanksgiving bonus marital points get me through December where once again I find I've depleted my points but wha la! Here comes Christmas!

I think I'm going to write a book about this stuff.:laugh: