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1.) Triton Rich - 12/22/2013
[B]I passed on a handful of opportunities to kill a doe this year because I was trying to get one while hunting with my daughter. Since the weather has gotten cold and my daughter probably won't be joining me any more, I've been looking to connect. After about a half dozen hunts with no close encounters I was getting a little concerned. Well, this morning I got my chance and made good on it. Within minutes of getting set, I started seeing deer. Naturally, the deer were up by the houses and I was hunting over 100 yards away down by the creek. That's urban hunting for you! I tried a fawn bleat and sent 4 does and fawns running towards the next house down, oops! Within 45 minutes I had seen 10 deer all way out of range. Another 20 minutes passed with no action, I saw my Dad checking his coyote traps about 80 yards behind me. I watched for any deer he might kick up but saw nothing. I sat down for a bit and figured I wouldn't see anything more. When I looked back, I saw a doe approaching from behind me. I was sitting in the corner of the lawn which was bordered by woods on the two sides and the doe was walking along the edge straight at me. She walked right at me and went right under the tree without offering a shot. She then went around the corner walking straight away and still no shot. When she hit about 15 yards, I drew my bow just in case she turned to one side or the other. She got to 26 yards and finally turned slightly to the left but she was now behind some branches that angled out over the lawn at about 15 yards. I was thinking I wouldn't get a chance when I noticed I could clearly see just below her chest. I bent my knees and lowered down only a few inches and found a decent opening in the branches maybe 8" wide. Now you guys may remember that I started a thread about aiming between pins, wouldn't you know that my next shot at a deer was between pins! I split the pins on a good spot on her chest and then aimed with my 20 yard pin. I took an extra second or two but she was oblivious and nibbling on some twigs. I released the arrow and just caught a flicker of it headed in her direction but it looked good. She ran into the woods and after about 30 yards, she turned sharply left did a little wheelie and went down! I followed the very obvious blood trail and found my deer. The arrow entered high at about the last rib and exited in front of the upper leg/lower shoulder joint and stuck in the snow. The arrow went through the middle of the onside lung, passed above the heart and caught the bottom of the offside lung. The blood trail suggests that some major arteries were cut along the way. This was a bit of a challenging shot and it was a very satisfying result.


2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340

Victory VforceHV 350, 337gn at 300fps

Trufire T1 Broadhead (1 blade ended up a bit curled, the other two in good shape)


Entry Wound


Exit wound


2.) Ohbuckhunter - 12/22/2013
Very nice.
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/22/2013
Good shootin'!
4.) Deerminator - 12/22/2013
5.) billy b - 12/23/2013
Beautiful pic & great shot Rich:tu:
6.) luv2bowhunt - 12/23/2013
Way to go Rich!!
7.) Go Bucks - 12/23/2013
8.) bluecat - 12/23/2013
9.) Ventilator - 12/23/2013
Nice Job on the Christmas Doe!
10.) Wild Bob - 12/23/2013
Congrats! Nice job.
11.) Hunter - 12/23/2013
Rich, nice going! :tu:
12.) Triton Rich - 12/23/2013
[B]Thanks everyone! Yeah it was good to get one. Now I can casually hunt for a buck. Chances are quite slim but who cares, pressure is off! :-)[/B]
13.) luv2bowhunt - 12/24/2013
I'm going to limp out on Thursday, first day of our late season. Can't climb a tree but I got to get some fresh air.

Good luck Rich, maybe we'll both beat the odds and put our team on top. Fat chance for me.:td:
14.) Triton Rich - 12/24/2013
[B]Actually, I have reason for mild optimism. We've got a spot that typically yields a late season buck sighting or two. That and there's a couple bucks of various sizes with messed up racks that I'd be delighted to cull out. In particular, a 3 1/2 year old 3x5 would work just fine! Good luck Luv 2, don't hurt your other leg![/B]
15.) billy b - 12/24/2013
Good luck boys, we need it:wink
16.) Ventilator - 12/24/2013
I just have a feeling this is Swampys week to shine. :wink