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1.) NEBigAl - 01/27/2014
I have a scheels giftcard so I was parousing through their website when I found this


anyone used one? I thought it looked pretty cool, and small enough I could bring it into the stand with me for those late December below 0 sits.
2.) DParker - 01/27/2014
I don't know about that one, but I have the BlackCat model that puts out 2x the BTUs as the SportCat and it's just about enough for a 2-man tent, depending on how cold it is.

And Scheels says they're out of stock on the SportCat.
3.) Swamp Fox - 01/27/2014
Better not let BillyB and Floyd see this thread...They'll tell you to straighten your skirt and just suck it up, LOL.

You need to find a big Nebraska girl to keep you warm.

Bluecat might know some.

Yeah, I'd also go with more BTUs. Never used a camping heater, but have used space heaters indoors, and believe me, more BTUs are mo' better.


(^^^^^^^^^ Reedeeming feature of this post in case Commandante Floyd of the Hijacking Squad is monitoring. :wink)
4.) Ohbuckhunter - 01/27/2014
I like the me buddy heaters. Have them in our blinds.
5.) Floyd - 01/27/2014
I have one for the wife and kid. They like it. I also have the big mr heater one.

Like Swampy says, I don't use one for myself. I don't have a big Ford Bronco or two to haul them around.

More BTUs the better like swampy says.
6.) NEBigAl - 01/27/2014
I kind of liked the Sportcat because it was so compact, easy to throw in my backpack. I didn't look at the BTU's too closely though, thats a good point.
7.) NEBigAl - 01/27/2014
BTU's stands for "British Thermal Units" though, since this is 'Murica Im probably not gonna listen to those goddamn redcoats.
8.) DParker - 01/27/2014
[QUOTE=NEBigAl;15558]BTU's stands for "British Thermal Units" though, since this is 'Murica Im probably not gonna listen to those goddamn redcoats.[/QUOTE]

That's the spirit!!

Would you like to super-size your Freedom Fries?
9.) Swamp Fox - 01/27/2014

Would you like to super-size your Freedom Fries?[/QUOTE]

Of course! Anything else would be...uncivilized...
10.) NEBigAl - 01/28/2014
Well I bought it tonight at scheels, kind of on a whim. I figured it should do me fine, all I plan on doing is taking it into the stand and blind with me, it should be just small enough to not be a complete pain in the ass.
11.) ARCHERXP - 01/28/2014
12.) ARCHERXP - 01/28/2014
Hmm….I guess I don't know how to post videos…lol

Anyhow, this is great for the ice fishing blind. As always, make sure you have a lil ventilation.