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1.) ARCHERXP - 02/13/2014
Looking at the pros and cons between choosing the Carbon Spyder Turbo over the Faktor Turbo.

2.) Triton Rich - 02/13/2014
[B]Certainly a case where you'd have to shoot both. Specs darn near identical. I have a hunch the Carbon Spider T would be a bit quieter and is a couple ounces lighter. Of course, it's prob. a couple hundred bucks more too![/B]
3.) Deerminator - 02/13/2014
Toss up.
How do they compair to the other bows you have tried?
4.) ARCHERXP - 02/14/2014
i like'm.

they feel about the same. the draw cycle is a bit stiffer than the elites but not by much. the hoyts ease you into the pocket where as the elites kind of pop you in there. the elites have a more solid back wall, but i don't consider the hoyts squishy by any stretch.

i have a bit more consumer confidence in the hoyts.

i haven't really been super impressed by the other companies as of late (evidenced by my lack of new bows since early 2008).

i just don't know if the carbon bows are worth it. lol

what am i getting out of that price for the carbons?
5.) OKY - 02/14/2014
Cool kid status!:grin:
6.) ARCHERXP - 02/14/2014
cool kid? :cf:

so confused
7.) OKY - 02/14/2014
As in all the cool kids are doing carbon.
8.) Wild Bob - 02/14/2014
I must not be cool...hhahahaahhha. Pleeeaaaassseee!

Didn't y'alls dads ever teach you that you pick a tool because it works? Period.

Here's a novel idea; just choose what works for you, without pandering to materialism.
9.) ARCHERXP - 02/14/2014

they both work well. no materialism involved in decision making. trying to see if functionality is built into the higher price of the carbon bow.