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1.) TXHunter - 03/06/2013
How about we get a little running list going of what loads/firearms/calibers we're using?

I'm fixing to start working on a 147 gr 9mm with Rainier plated bullets (hollow point)
Have some Accurate #5 that I'm going to try out with CCI primers.
2.) Floyd - 03/06/2013
Where you finding powder and primer?
3.) DParker - 03/06/2013
[QUOTE=Floyd;1214]Where you finding powder and primer?[/QUOTE]
If he's like me he bought a bunch of supplies back when things were good and he's still dipping into that stash. The stability of primers and smokeless powders makes them good candidates for buying in bulk (which is substantially cheaper per round anyway) and using over a long period of time. It's been over a year since I've had to buy either. And of course brass and bullets keep forever. I don't reload constantly, but I have assembled a couple thousand rounds and still have enough supplies for a few thousand more.

I'll have to post recipes later when I get home and can consult my records. I currently use six different recipes (five different catridges with two different .223 loads) and just can't remember the details off the top of my head.
4.) LoganCrane - 03/06/2013
For anyone who has a Reminton 700 AAC 308

168gr Nosler etip/spitzer ballistic tip
41.1gr Varget
Lapua Brass
CCI primers
5 shot grouping at 200yds

5.) LoganCrane - 03/06/2013
6.) LoganCrane - 03/06/2013
Joking :)
7.) TXHunter - 03/06/2013
got a bunch of powder semi recently at Recob's

primer's (believe it or not)...went on sale at Cabela's online and I snatched up 2K small pistol
8.) TXHunter - 03/06/2013
[QUOTE=LoganCrane;1234]For anyone who has a Reminton 700 AAC 308

168gr Nosler etip/spitzer ballistic tip
41.1gr Varget
Lapua Brass
CCI primers
5 shot grouping at 200yds


THAT is what I'm talking about right there!
9.) DParker - 03/09/2013
Everything I currently load...

[B][U]9mm Luger (range load):[/U][/B]
115 gr. Hornday FMJ RN
4.9 gr. Hodgnon Universal Clays
Prvi Partizan brass
CCI SP primer

[B][U]9mm (PD load):[/U][/B]
124 gr. Remington Golden Sabre
4.4 gr. Hodgdon Universal Clays
Remington +P brass
CCI SP primer

[B][U].223 Remington (range/SHTF load):
[/U][/B]75 gr. Hornady Match BTHP
23.5 gr. Hodgdon Varget
Lake City brass
CCI SR primer

[U][B].223[/B][/U][B][U] Remington (hunting load):
[/U][/B]70 gr. Barnes TSX
24.4 gr. Hodgdon Varget
Remington brass
CCI SR primer

[U][B].243 Winchester (hunting load):
[/B][/U]85 gr. Barnes TSX
43.5 gr. Ramshot Hunter
Remington brass
Magtech LR primer

[U][B].30-06 Springfield (hunting load):
[/B][/U]130 gr. Barnes Tipped-TSX
60.5 gr. Ramshot Big Game
Winchester brass
Magtech LR primer

[B][U]7.62x54R (hunting load):[/U][/B]
150 gr. Hornady .312" SP
46.4 gr. Hodgdon Varget
Prvi Partizan brass
Magtech LR primer
10.) DParker - 03/10/2013
Oops. A correction to the .223 range load. The powder should have read:

"23.5 gr. Hodgdon BL-C(2)"
11.) TXHunter - 03/18/2013
anyone have a .22-250 load?
12.) Forkie McRut - 06/12/2013
[QUOTE=TXHunter;3038]anyone have a .22-250 load?[/QUOTE]

I have a couple for a 50gr VMax and 60gr Nosler Partition using IMR3031 and Varget if you're interested