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1.) Swamp Fox - 04/30/2014

As everyone knows, we do strength training at Camp Swampy. Summer classes begin soon, so sign up now.

When Ventilator mentioned being weighted down with bricks and having to tread water or drown as part of his weekend in Charlotte, I realized Camp Swampy also has a very similar program. Here, though, it’s not a team-building exercise. It’s more of a punishment for things like over-packing, oversleeping or forgetting to bring spaghetti sauce. Sometimes it’s self-imposed, but really it’s more for guests.

I did do some team-building this weekend, though. I tried to get my buddy Boo Boo a gobbler with a bow. Trying to get him to sit still and be quiet in the blind was like a log-carry, but harder. More on par with seeing if four guys all cooking something different can get everything to be ready at the same time, considering breaks for shots of Crown, which was the team-building we did the night before. Quail, venison cube steak, crab cakes and wild turkey stir-fry all come out at different times, you know. Wish we’d had some raw oysters. I can time those pretty well, LOL.

We had a gobbler and his little running buddy come a considerable distance toward us at 7:30 the first morning but at around 80 yards out he decided he didn’t like something and skirted us on our side of the woodline, about 50 yards out. Even if he’d been closer, he was on a steady walk the whole time, until he slipped into the brush and out of our lives. I may have him on a Plotwatcher on a different field about two hours later.

The next morning we had a hen come to my calling, popping out of the brush behind us ten yards to our right. She fed out in the field for over two hours, but didn’t drawn any company.

There’s no gobbling going on anywhere I’ve been lately. Actually, that’s been the case most of the season. Being in the right place at the right time or slipping around trying to spot something are the names of the games this year, rather than run-and-gun and/or trying to locate by calling.

Two bits of weekend fun: While hunting by myself, I had a hen come running across a field past my blind and dive into the woods up onto a dust logging mound fifty yards away. She spent about fifteen minutes dusting. I believe if I’d been standing at the other end of the field 150 yards away I could have located her by the clouds of dust she was throwing up. When she was done, she hopped off the mound and went into the brush for a few minutes. I think it was her that walked past me about fifteen minutes later. She was much more relaxed. Must have been quite an itch she dusted away.

Then I almost got a little itch of the fanged variety. I was slipping along the edge of a recently logged area one evening, and as I rounded a bend and an open area appeared in front of me, I stopped to glass. Next thing I know, I hear a loud buzzing near my right foot. Yup, a rattler, about three-and-a-half feet long. He was stretched out with his head farthest from me, but quickly coiled as I stepped away. I don’t know why I didn’t jump, but my heart did a little, LOL. I doubt his head was any more than five feet from my boot when he rattled. Can’t believe I didn’t see him on the sandy road, especially as dark as he was, but I was looking ahead for turkeys, not down on the ground.

I did think at the time about why my snake boots didn’t extend up to my crotch, but I didn’t think about the camera that was in my fanny pack, uncharachteristically. So no pics of this snake, either. Next time, I promise, LOL.
2.) DParker - 04/30/2014
Why, no...the still image for that video doesn't look gay at all.
3.) Forkie McRut - 04/30/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;19359]Why, no...the still image for that video doesn't look gay at all.[/QUOTE]

He's checking if the carbon in the guy's Scent-Lok shorts needs reactivated
4.) Swamp Fox - 04/30/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;19359]Why, no...the still image for that video doesn't look gay at all.[/QUOTE]

Don't worry: It's okay because no skin is touching...

5.) Hunter - 04/30/2014
Where do I sign up?
6.) Ventilator - 04/30/2014
That's a killer vid. saw a couple months back. instant classic! lol
7.) bluecat - 04/30/2014
It's a silly place.
8.) NEBigAl - 04/30/2014
I think im in that
9.) Deerminator - 05/01/2014
:poke: :ek: