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1.) bluecat - 05/13/2014
I recently acquired a pellet gun (FeinWerkBau) and wanted to give the stock a facelift as there was a little chipping and I didn't like the overall appearance.
So I stripped it and gave it a bath. The varnish that those Germans used was pretty tough to get off. I also begged my friend who owns the Browning Citori stock to let me
work on it and bring it back to life. Here are some before and after pics.

2.) DParker - 05/13/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;19660]So I stripped it and gave it a bath.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, talk dirty to us.

That's good work, and I think going with the wood's natural color instead was a good choice. I hear you about the varnish too, after hitting the same thing when I had to strip it off my Mosin. Lots of elbow grease and noxious chemicals involved there.
3.) billy b - 05/13/2014
Awsome work cat, that is beautiful:tu:
4.) Ventilator - 05/13/2014
yessir, nice job!
5.) Deerminator - 05/13/2014
Great job

6.) Triton Rich - 05/13/2014
[B] Nice work. I'm jealous of your pellet gun. I've got a Gamo that has been giving me fits![/B]
7.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2014
Very nice!

How's the rifle shoot? Somebody should tell the Germans they've mostly been doing stock-building all wrong...:wink

I would love to see pics of the shotgun when it's put back together. :wave:
8.) Leighton - 05/14/2014
Nice job. I love my pellet guns , they are about the only thing you can own over here without a licence.[ATTACH=CONFIG]419[/ATTACH]
9.) bluecat - 05/14/2014
I'm not too familiar with the FeinWerkBau brand but from what the seller told me, it's one of the better ones. He proceeded to set up a target about 10 yards away and put a pellet in the bullseye. Then put another one through the same hole. He then gave the gun to me and I put one through the same hole. So three pellets, one hole. It shoots .177 which is easy to find.
I'm used to shooting a Sheridan 5mm with open sights. It is pretty accurate but this new rifle with a scope will really begin to talk long distance.

I've got a rabbit problem but I think this might even things up a bit.
10.) DParker - 05/14/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;19689]I've got a rabbit problem...[/QUOTE]

That's the wrong attitude. Be more positive. What you have is a "hasenpheffer opportunity".
11.) bluecat - 05/14/2014
I have a huge opportunity.

12.) Jon - 05/14/2014
I have a rabbit problem AND a neighbor cat problem. It solved itself this morning, the cat snuck up on 2 rabbits and got pretty close (I was watching)when they both took off, one went across the street and the other high tailed it across the field. The cat made a poor decision and chased the fat one across the street........car one, cat zero
13.) DParker - 05/14/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;19696]I have a huge opportunity.


We're going to need a bigger pie crust, and more peas, carrots and potatoes.
14.) Deerminator - 05/14/2014
[B][SIZE=7]That rabbit is[/SIZE] [/B].....
15.) DParker - 05/15/2014
We need to eat more rabbit in this country. It's delicious, healthy and plentiful. If I could find a reliable place to hunt them around here my freezer would be full of bunny meat all year around. I'd supplement with store bought but the farm raised stuff is stupid expensive (though it wouldn't be if it would catch on and it could be raised on a larger, more economically efficient scale). This is one of those areas where a lot of Europe is ahead of us. They eat the hell out of rabbit/hare.
16.) Deerminator - 05/15/2014
17.) bluecat - 05/15/2014
This is what I'm talking about. Last night I was making my rounds of watering the shrubs and noticed that they had clipped off most of the branches of the serviceberry I planted two years ago. Why they did this when there is so much food around I don't know. They hammered it last fall so I encased it in chicken wire over the winter. When food availability is low in winter they head to the shrubs (burning bush, service berry, etc.) so this spring after leaf-out I thought I was safe until next winter. Apparently not. They did this two days ago and noticed it last night. Little bastards. Back to the chicken wire.

Rabbit is good eating for sure. Don't know why it hasn't caught on. I sometimes eat the rabbits I kill on my property. Be wary wary quiet.

18.) Deerminator - 05/15/2014
It was just a matter of time:grin:

19.) Swamp Fox - 05/15/2014
Anybody who wants to rabbit hunt in January and February at Camp Swampy is welcome. Populations are good, food is plentiful, accomodations are adequate and drinks are half-way decent. Weather is better than in Canadia.

I can handle a group of you boneheads if you give me some advance notice.

It could be epic...

20.) bluecat - 05/15/2014
Dibs on the top bunk.
21.) Swamp Fox - 05/15/2014
Excellent! I notice a lot of guys are too creaky to climb all the way up there...LOL...So that's one less thing for me to worry about...:-)
22.) Deerminator - 05/15/2014
I'm bring'n the 06 for the long shots