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1.) L&L - 06/23/2014
Other then the stick and string method?...you fellers know any good baits I could use to catch carp?...got a dirty pond that needs cleaned and I'm to poor to just buy them
2.) bluecat - 06/23/2014
I believe you can get a can of corn and string some kernels on a hook that way. You can also take white bread and smash it up and work it with your hands till it becomes dough again. Now you have a dough ball.
3.) Jon - 06/23/2014
I've heard corn flakes in strawberry soda, make a ball and use that as bait. Supposed to work great
4.) Wild Bob - 06/23/2014
I've caught quite a few carp by using some of the commerical dough type catfish bait and leaving it set out over night on trotlines. (There a lot of recipies on line and can make your own.)
5.) Deerminator - 06/23/2014
Chicken parmesan:wink
my favorite method of choice would be  photo DSCF0445.jpg

 photo DSCF0447.jpg

 photo DSCF0448.jpg

 photo DSCF0449.jpg

 photo DSCF0417-1.jpg
6.) DParker - 06/23/2014
[QUOTE=Jon;21205]I've heard corn flakes in strawberry soda, make a ball and use that as bait. Supposed to work great[/QUOTE]

My question would be...how much beer was involved in coming up with that idea in the first place?
7.) Deerminator - 06/23/2014
feed them fiberglass:hb::wink:-)
8.) Deerminator - 06/23/2014
 photo MVC-015F.jpg

 photo MVC-001F-1.jpg

 photo MVC-002F-1.jpg

 photo MVC-004F-1.jpg

 photo MVC-004F-1.jpg

 photo MVC-006F.jpg

 photo MVC-012F.jpg
9.) L&L - 06/23/2014
Thanks guys,DM I'd do the fiberglass thing,but they wouldn't clean my pond out to well afterwards lol
10.) Deerminator - 06/23/2014
OHHHHHHH!!!! I thought it was to clean[B] OUT[/B] the pond
11.) bluecat - 06/23/2014
It's good that carp get their fiber though. It keeps them regular.
12.) Wild Bob - 06/23/2014
Deerminator - that last picture...that thing looks like something off of the X Files. Or did you do that to him draging him in???
13.) Deerminator - 06/23/2014
nope bill it came in that way. many fish in Onondaga lake get like that ( VERY POLLUTID ). they kinda swim or float in actually
and some times they really don't want to come in which ='s a big battle:-)