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1.) waynestaxidermy - 08/04/2014
Good Morning all. New to the forum, was just introduced to it by a friend, looking forward to all the info I can find and/ or share
2.) Ventilator - 08/04/2014
Welcome. Post up your bio and a few pics. Always good to meet someone new....especially a taxi. :wave:
3.) luv2bowhunt - 08/04/2014
My son-in-law is a taxidermist and his work is way better than yours.

............:wink...........just kidding. Welcome to the jungle.
4.) Ventilator - 08/04/2014
So , who is the friend that recommended you here?
5.) billy b - 08/04/2014
Welcome Wayne
6.) Wild Bob - 08/04/2014
Welcome, come on in, sit down and stay a while.
7.) Deerminator - 08/04/2014
8.) Ventilator - 08/05/2014
It appears to me that Wayne only wanted to stop by and sell a few x-bows. Good luck. :wave:
9.) billy b - 08/05/2014
I hate crossbow salesmen.:wave:
10.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014

My new criterion for whether someone is a forum member or not, or just if he's even a decent human being, is whether he's willing to enter the deer contest or not. :wink

Don't make me name names...:fire:

Wayne, I hope we hear from you again...:bang:

And we do allow crossbows in the contest, but you might not want to push the issue...LOL
11.) Ventilator - 08/05/2014
and this coming from the anti-hunting-contest-nazii-from way back. :wink And why the hell does this forum always want to capitalized nazii...they don't deserve caps!!


Glad to see you embraced the suck...and joined up to the contest. :tu:
12.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
LOL...You remember that...

Actually, I still feel the same way about hunting contests, plus I'm like Luv2 and seem rarely to do well when I'm in one.

But this one is so far from an actual contest that it's okay. :wink Point taken about embracing the suck, LOL.

If I start to feel any pressure to perform again I might not repeat LOL, but at this point all the pressure is just about finding someone to come outside and play. :dh::p
13.) DParker - 08/05/2014
[QUOTE=Ventilator;22924]and this coming from the anti-hunting-contest-[B]nazii[/B]-from way back. :wink And why the hell does this forum always want to capitalized [B]nazii[/B]...they don't deserve caps!![/QUOTE]

Is that anything like a "Nazi"? And deserving or not, they sure did like their caps....

But the ones in Illinois certainly don't deserve any. I [I]hate[/I] Illinois Nazis.
14.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Testing, testing....nazi
15.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Huh. I was thinking Kenny was saying the autocorrect capitalizes the N...Either I don't have autocorrect on or the forum doesn't capitalize...Unless he means the [B]members[/B] of the forum capitalize the word.

I think I got autocorrected on here the other day, though...I'll have to figure that out.

I can't stand to be corrected, especially automatically. :wink
16.) Ventilator - 08/05/2014
how the hell..........
17.) Ventilator - 08/05/2014
yes, it was autocorrect. no matter what I did....keeps capitalizing Nazi....rrrrrrrr
18.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Well, I don't see where autocorrect is in forum options and mine doesn't seem to be on ....nazi nazi nazi

but I could swear I was surprised on here yesterday with it. Maybe it was somewhere else.



Some of my best friends are Nazis. [/B]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Well, placement/usage in the text doesn't seem to matter---except if you make it plural! I got it to autocorrect on "Nazis" [/COLOR]

Kinda weird.:re:

I see a "switch editor" tab under" advanced" in the replies but I have no idea what it does and I'm skeered to touch it.

19.) Ventilator - 08/05/2014
u have any Nazi pics holding hunting rigs?
20.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
let me look...
21.) DParker - 08/05/2014
[QUOTE=Ventilator;22942]u have any Nazi pics holding hunting rigs?[/QUOTE]

No, but I have some pics of Nazi hunters....

...and one of some guys hunting grammar Nazis...

22.) bluecat - 08/05/2014

No soup for you!
23.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014



The worst ones are the Spelling Police on youtube, when someone goofs up on providing lyrics...

And I'm not talking about misinterpreted lyrics.

It's just sad that they think the OP is checking in three years later. :re:
24.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
[QUOTE=Ventilator;22942]u have any Nazi pics holding hunting rigs?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;22943]let me look...[/QUOTE]

Well, it turns out everyone I thought was a Nazi was just misunderstood...

Funny, the same thing happened when I checked on a bunch of people in "the French resistance"...LOL

25.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
This has to be the biggest welcome a new member's gotten around here in a long time...

26.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Speaking of Nazis, has anyone seen [I]The Monument Men[/I]?

It's a great story about that whole chapter of the war, but I've heard mixed reviews on the movie.

[I]Inglorious Bastards[/I] or however they spelled it was more than pretty good, I thought.

I think there's another WWII movie (Europe, I think) of recent vintage I'm curious about, but I can't remember what it is.

In other news, that movie about the American track star who was a POW of the Japanese and then returned to the States is supposed to be very good.
27.) bluecat - 08/05/2014
Those are all on my "todo" list
28.) DParker - 08/05/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;22947]"the French resistance"...[/QUOTE]

Le ohm?
29.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014

About the only French I know is "Close the door", how to count to ten, a few dirty words and phrases, and "fetchez la vache"...:wink

When I plug [I]le ohm[/I] into a translator, it comes back [I]the ohm[/I]....

Thanks, internet!,,,,LOL
30.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Wild guess: Zero?

We started with "one" in school...LOL
31.) DParker - 08/05/2014
The "Ohm" is the unit used to express electrical resistance (named for the German physicist and mathematician Georg Simon Ohm, and for whom [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohm's_law"]Ohm's Law[/URL] is also named).

"French resistance"

"Le ohm"

That's a jo....I say....that's [I]JOKE[/I], son! :wink

Actually, it's a pun.....or a palindrome, or something.
32.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
Well hell...If you hadn't put the [I]le[/I] in front of it I would have figured it out ...eventually....

But then it wouldn't be French...Or funny.

But I would have recognized it as an electricitical term, anyway...

As I've said elsewhere, I'm just smart enough to not go around licking wall sockets...:wink
33.) Swamp Fox - 08/05/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;22954]That's a jo....I say....that's [I]JOKE[/I], son! :wink




I hear that in my head all the time...:wink
34.) bluecat - 08/06/2014
35.) bluecat - 08/06/2014

36.) Ventilator - 08/06/2014
Yup, this thread took quite a turn....too bad Wayne wasn't here to read it. :tu:

Well played on the pics DP!
37.) Deerminator - 08/06/2014
38.) Swamp Fox - 08/06/2014
I found these by total accident last night...Figured I'd wait to share when we had a big crowd here.:wink

So...an actual Grammar Nazi...

At least the Nazi isn't torturing some folks, or the English language.

So, Forward...with R-S-P...E-C-T-?

39.) bluecat - 08/06/2014
I'm sure Wayne will be here shortly to tell us how he feels about it. :wave:
40.) bluecat - 08/06/2014
41.) Ventilator - 08/06/2014
I bet if you PM him about a new x-bow he will show up...:tu: