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1.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
Thank you Roy and Billy.

Thank you fellow bow hunters.

Thank you little Timmmmy!

Let's see them pics.

And here them stories.

...and rumors.
2.) Alex - 03/04/2013
I want to see some pics!
3.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
Dave's has them all and will make a CD. Until then, I try and post Timmaaay!
4.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
Here's a teaser.

5.) hoyt_em - 03/04/2013
I flew 1800 miles, saw 0 pigs...again had a great time, and saw more deer than I did the whole month of October back home.

What a couple of class acts billy and Roy are. Thank you folks...
6.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
This has a great story to go with it. Synchronized piglet shooting from an elevated box blind.

7.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
Calm down ladies. He is married.
8.) hoyt_em - 03/04/2013
Hey now!!!
9.) dino - 03/04/2013
OK, ready to see some pics!!!
10.) OKY - 03/04/2013
Prolly be tomorrow night, still on the road and taking the munchkin to Louisville in the morning.
11.) 1adam12 - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=dino;71]OK, ready to see some pics!!![/QUOTE]

i dont know after seeing that last pic Im not sure I wanna see anymore lol
12.) OKY - 03/04/2013
13.) mongoosesnipe - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;60]Calm down ladies. He is married.

so are you but that has never stoped the love affair between you both
14.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
Don't be jealous.
15.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
Who could it be.

16.) DParker - 03/04/2013
Notice that you can't see Ohio's right hand.
17.) OKY - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;112]Who could it be.


Floyd, I think this answers where his hand is when he's happy.
18.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
Looks like he's getting ready to make him do the monkey dance.
19.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
20.) hoyt_em - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=DParker;113]Notice that you can't see Ohio's right hand.[/QUOTE]

...also noticed, is that your STILL smiling...
21.) JB - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;55]Here's a teaser.


Good to see all yall! My first post in our new home!!:wave:
22.) Alex - 03/04/2013
Here's one I liked
23.) JB - 03/04/2013
Now I gotta find my dang tent!
24.) Alex - 03/04/2013
You mean that tent :-P :-)
25.) Mike - 03/04/2013
Lol I've got saved in my computer as well ;-)
26.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/04/2013
Awesome JB is n the house.
27.) OKY - 03/04/2013
Howdy JB!!
28.) hoyt_em - 03/04/2013
Heya JB...
29.) Alex - 03/04/2013
So there was probably no JB sightings this year huh
30.) billy b - 03/04/2013
Thats the one I remember:hb:
31.) JB - 03/04/2013
Well, I know ya'll dang sure didnt go hungry and the accomadations was good, and the company is good...the weather was chilly...so I would like to know...how is the pig population now since ya'll went?
32.) billy b - 03/05/2013
We didn't make much of a dent in it.
33.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
Don't think we did much more than scratch the surface...damn things got onto us perty quickly.
34.) Floyd - 03/05/2013
Ask Jon. It's as simple as Ready, 1, 2, shoot.
35.) Floyd - 03/05/2013
The first night I kept looking left and they came in stright away. The second night I kept looking straight and the came in from the right.

You just never know.
36.) luv2bowhunt - 03/05/2013
Since ventilator doesn't show up in the group shots, I'm guessing he was always stuck being the photographer.
37.) Jon - 03/05/2013
Yes, Ventilator was on his knees with a "camera" against his face
38.) OKY - 03/05/2013
And the camera had brass balls, just sayin...
39.) luv2bowhunt - 03/05/2013
Did ventilator and BULLZ-ear bunk together?
40.) billy b - 03/05/2013
Uh, ventilator wasn't there
41.) luv2bowhunt - 03/05/2013
No way you guys would attempt a hunt without a professional guide. Nice try billy, not falling for it.
42.) billy b - 03/05/2013
Did you see him in the picture? You know his mug would be in it as big of a camera hog as he is.
43.) BULLZ-i - 03/05/2013
44.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;569]No way you guys would attempt a hunt without a professional guide. Nice try billy, not falling for it.[/QUOTE]

45.) Floyd - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;569]No way you guys would attempt a hunt without a professional guide. Nice try billy, not falling for it.[/QUOTE]

Swampy was there. He has more and a better fan following.
46.) OKY - 03/06/2013
Bringing them out the manual way.
47.) BULLZ-i - 03/06/2013
48.) Parker - 03/06/2013
49.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/06/2013
Works on my phone alex
50.) Alex - 03/07/2013
working for me too..
the reply box.. not so much this picture though..
51.) BULLZ-i - 03/07/2013

52.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/07/2013
Man bz. U look young.
53.) DParker - 03/07/2013
How many times did you have to flash your moobs to get those beads?
54.) Alex - 03/07/2013
We gave him beads to stop flashin em.
55.) BULLZ-i - 03/07/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;1408]Man bz. U look young.[/QUOTE]

56.) Alex - 03/07/2013
I have some good ones of Jon, JB, swampy, billy.
Have to get them uploaded.
57.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/07/2013
I have some of bullzi from way back. Lol.
58.) Floyd - 03/07/2013
The bonds of life that tie people together. In this case, human bonding or male bonding and the venue - Battle Mountain.

Like this website, a venue for human bonding. Thank you again Alex.
59.) BULLZ-i - 03/07/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;1453]I have some of bullzi from way back. Lol.[/QUOTE]

60.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/07/2013
Back in his rebel days. Hahahaha.
61.) DParker - 03/07/2013
I was sorry I missed it...until Floyd started talking about bondage.
62.) BULLZ-i - 03/08/2013
63.) Floyd - 03/08/2013
Bonenage. Male bonenage
64.) JB - 03/08/2013
Ive seen a guy do the monkey dance in New Orleans a longtime ago...
65.) OKY - 03/25/2013
Got the piglet skull and mount finished for Floyd and Jon.

66.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
Look!..at..the bones!


Good job...Was it hard to find a plaque to fit?
67.) OKY - 03/25/2013
I made it to fit. What a cute little skull.
68.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
:grin: EXCELLENT!....Good times , good gobbers, good food, great stuff.

Look forward to BM time every year.
69.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
Skulls look awesome OKY
70.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
You didn't ever get a bunch of beetles, did you? Or was it someone else who was thinking of it?
71.) OKY - 03/25/2013
Thanks DM, I was happy to fix it all up for them. I had to be so careful with the skull, very thin.
72.) OKY - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;3669]You didn't ever get a bunch of beetles, did you? Or was it someone else who was thinking of it?[/QUOTE]

That was me and I didn't get them. I would still like to if I had the time to do more mounts.
73.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=OKY;3670]Thanks DM, I was happy to fix it all up for them. I had to be so careful with the skull, very thin.[/QUOTE]

Thought pig skulls were thick
74.) OKY - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=Deerminator;3674]Thought pig skulls were thick[/QUOTE]

They are unless they just fell out of the sow a few days prior. That little skull fits in the palm of your hand.
75.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
76.) OKY - 03/25/2013
Two guys hit the south end of a tiny target in unison. Awesome story.
77.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
I bet
78.) OKY - 03/25/2013
I will let them tell the story. I just volunteered to do the skull and the mount.
79.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]It went like this........Me and Floyd sittng in a tree, decided to hunt together on the first day. We agreed to shoot at the same time when/if some pigs showed up. Understanding how difficult it might be, we rehearsed the timing and went over it a few times. I was on the left and would shoot my pig on the left, he was on the right and would take a pig on the right. The cadence was "ready, one, two, shoot".
The first group of pigs came straight in, it was 4 large pigs with a 150#+ hog leading the group. We both were getting ready when a hawk dive bombed the first hog and they all did an immediate 180 and split, never to return.
About 30 minutes later we see a large group coming through the woods right to the feeder. The leaders were a group of about 10 piglets and they didn't slow down, just went right to the feeder. The sows and a small boar held back behind the feeder but still within 30yds. We watched for about 30 seconds thinking the adults would settle down and get under the feeder but they got nervous. I told Floyd I was going to shoot the larger sow behind the feeder and he said "go for it". I was all settled on her vitals and she decided to turn and get out of there.
We then decided to just shoot a piglet each, they were in a big ball so I picked one out on the left and I assumed Floyd picked one out on the right. I said "ready, one, two, shoot" and both of our arrows with lighted nocks flew beautifully through the air and impacted the same piglet in the exact same spot!
I thought Floyd missed because I could see my nock glowing after sticking through the piglet but his turned off after the impact. A few minutes later, we got out of the blind and walked to the piglet to see both arrows sticking through the exact same spot!
At first, we chuckled but after thinking about it for a few minutes, it was really a crazy thing that we both shot the same little piglet in the same spot at the same time. I doubt it could ever happen again considering the timing, angle and limited size we were dealing with.

Anyway, there's the story. Hope I did it justice.[/COLOR]
80.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013
That's cool. Definitely one for the books:tu:
81.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
thats a good looking skull..
82.) JimP - 03/25/2013
That sure was the doubles blind. The next night Floyd and I did the same thing in 2 different pigs, his was recovered and mine (not for lack of looking) turned to buzzard bait.
83.) DParker - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;3692][COLOR=#006400]It went like this........Me and Floyd sittng in a tree...[/COLOR][/QUOTE]


Isn't that how that one goes?
84.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
Jon and Floyd are BFFs...

(Sorry, boys, couldn't resist...:-))
85.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;3736]Jon and Floyd are BFFs...

(Sorry, boys, couldn't resist...:-))[/QUOTE]
Well, actually, Floyd is MY BFF if you want to get technical.
86.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
87.) DParker - 03/25/2013
Wow. First Swampy's French gets corrected, now his English can't even get any respect. Maybe we should stick to the music thread for a while.
88.) luv2bowhunt - 03/25/2013
Any videos of UFC style matches that took place there? Doesn't matter, couldn't see them anyway.
89.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
[ATTACH=CONFIG]84[/ATTACH] bonnie and clyde ..laurie and hardie..jon and floyd. they go together like peanut butter and jelley..
90.) luv2bowhunt - 03/25/2013
Oh the rubbing is a bit much. No wonder Floyd was going to therapy later.
91.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
pinch him squezze him and hug him..
92.) luv2bowhunt - 03/25/2013
Touch my monkey, luv him, touch him.
93.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;3759]Oh the rubbing is a bit much. No wonder Floyd was going to therapy later.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="#006400"]Umm, do I really need to repost the sexy picture of you in the woods my friend??[/COLOR]
94.) luv2bowhunt - 03/25/2013
Good luck with that. I'm just glad he uploaded from his computer or I wouldn't have been able to see it.

Although now that I think about it............
95.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
i have alot more where that come from..how do you think i spend my days?..

.does floyd giggle when you poke him in the side?
96.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
luv2 i have youre pic uploaded in my computer..where you are dressed fancy..i wont post it unless i have too..
97.) luv2bowhunt - 03/25/2013
I'm wearing frickin blue jeans and a camo jacket! I can't help it if I don't look like a hobo like so many of these goobers.
98.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
99.) Leighton - 03/25/2013
Nice job mounting that skull OKY , I bet that wood took a bit of knapping.
100.) BULLZ-i - 03/25/2013
101.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;3775]I'm wearing frickin blue jeans and a camo jacket! I can't help it if I don't look like a hobo like so many of these goobers.[/QUOTE]

Well, hobo is close to the correct spelling
102.) BULLZ-i - 03/25/2013
103.) Floyd - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;3751]bonnie and clyde ..laurie and hardie..jon and floyd. they go together like peanut butter and jelley..[/QUOTE]

It's, 'like peas and carrots'. Get it right Forest Gump.
104.) Floyd - 03/25/2013
I'll tell you, the hot romance going on right now is Luv2 and Crookedeye. Get a room you two. Oh, wait they did, this one.

They are so sweet. They are made for each other. Two peas in a pod.
105.) Floyd - 03/26/2013
Hey, you leg humpers, where'd you go. Come on CE...Luv2......
106.) Floyd - 03/26/2013
They must be out at the park dragging their butts across the lawn.
107.) Jon - 03/26/2013
Lol, probably taking prom pictures
108.) Floyd - 03/26/2013
Like I said, they do make a sweet couple. Like Jack Sprat and his wife.
109.) Floyd - 03/26/2013
Luv2 and CE, thanks for turning the thread into crap.

...and I helped. Just like to old days. You two are slick tricky. Congrats.
110.) hoyt_em - 03/26/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;3830]Well, hobo is close to the correct spelling[/QUOTE]