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1.) DropzOfWild - 03/14/2013
I see there's a few reg's from BC that hasn't wandered in...not that I miss the schtuff just curious if they were not invited.... so on...
2.) Ventilator - 03/14/2013
well, i wasnt technically invited,but i came anyway. :)

There are several goobers on here that i like to talk to .
3.) TRAVELER - 03/14/2013
Who's missing ?
4.) bluecat - 03/14/2013
String Twister. I don't think he's been on the computer for awhile as I wrote him a pm from the old site about 2 weeks ago and he hasn't opened it yet.
5.) Go Bucks - 03/14/2013
hmmmmm... be careful what you wish for....:re:
6.) Alex - 03/14/2013
I'm going to dig up the database from BC and see if I cant get an email list to let everyone know.
Not sure if I can but we will see.
7.) luv2bowhunt - 03/14/2013
How much to buy an add, that's what I want to know?

He's making a killing up there I'll bet.
8.) Leighton - 03/14/2013
What about BowhunterJohn ?
9.) bluecat - 03/14/2013
10.) Leighton - 03/14/2013
E Tank.
11.) Leighton - 03/14/2013
That Pig hunter from Arkansas .
12.) Leighton - 03/14/2013
We did have several female members at one stage .
13.) DParker - 03/14/2013
[QUOTE=Leighton;2758]That Pig hunter from Arkansas .[/QUOTE]

He's too busy kicking back on the balcony of his Malibu beach house that he bought with the killing he made investing in magical "free energy" generators.
14.) Go Bucks - 03/14/2013
oh lets see... JC Wisconsin, city, hoosier-whatever...
15.) PB - 03/14/2013
Umm, uhh, what about that land baron fella?.... O yeah, that would be me; at least what JC-Wisconsin called me. Where is that guy anyway?

Speaking of guy, wasn't there a gunguy or something? He was pretty sharp. What about the one who used to make blueberry pies in the bushes?

Saaaaaay, are we sure we want ALL these guys back again? :grin:
16.) PB - 03/14/2013
What about Dino? Has he been back? He could be and I just missed him--it's not like I know all this stuff.
17.) Deerminator - 03/14/2013
Yea what ever happened to Dino.
He's good people.
18.) Go Bucks - 03/14/2013
and the mongolian royalty something or other who's name was synonymous with master archer? or sumpin like that.
19.) billy b - 03/14/2013
Where are:
Old Man
Alaska Cub
Bob Stokes
20.) Alex - 03/15/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;2751]How much to buy an add, that's what I want to know?

He's making a killing up there I'll bet.[/QUOTE]
LOL - thats funny.
All those ads are from BowfishingCountry. I just put them here to get the ad code in place. So net value from being displayed here = $0
I'll send you your cut soon.
21.) Deerminator - 03/15/2013
22.) luv2bowhunt - 03/15/2013
Alex I might want to buy an add.

Can I say anything I want up there? Sort of 'airing of the grievances'.:tu:
23.) Deerminator - 03/15/2013
I wouldn't mind putting up an ad for the DHTF charity. ( Deerminator Hunting Trip Fund )
24.) DParker - 03/15/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;2785]Alex I might want to buy an add.[/QUOTE]

I'll take a subract, multiply or divide...whichever is cheapest.
25.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
I'll take sum too
26.) Swamp Fox - 03/16/2013
27.) Deerminator - 03/16/2013
[QUOTE=DropzOfWild;2859]I'll take sum too[/QUOTE]