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1.) Hunter - 03/23/2013

I just set up a new blind here. I guess I need to brush it in better as he seems to be intently staring at it!
2.) CHRIS - 03/23/2013
Is that an average size dog for florida?
3.) hoyt_em - 03/23/2013
Damn rotten ass mutts...

Local sporting good store has a contest each winter: quantity of them, and largest.

There are some local boys that clean house! Last I saw, there were near 40 between
The top four people.
4.) Deerminator - 03/23/2013
Get enough hides and make a bed spread. Toasty warm:-)
5.) Hunter - 03/23/2013
[QUOTE=CHRIS;3415]Is that an average size dog for florida?[/QUOTE]

That's a pretty big one for around here, Chris.
6.) CHRIS - 03/23/2013
looks around 35 lbs. or better.
At a trade show a few weeks ago I saw pix of 3 alfa males taken in western NY that were around 60lb. Monsters.
Our coyote population is on the rise here in PA.
Im a firm believer if they put a bounty on them #$*& it would take care of the over population quickly.
7.) XJCraver - 03/23/2013
Has it been that cold down there? Looks like a heck of a coat for a FL dog.

I've only got one so far this winter. Only been out 4 times. Was hoping to put a bigger dent in them than that.....
8.) Leighton - 03/24/2013
We haven't got coyotes over here but we are over run wit fox since they banned fox hunting , they are even taking over the towns and cities .
9.) CHRIS - 03/24/2013
that s a good size fox. Leighton do you buy product from Deben?
10.) Leighton - 03/24/2013
Yes Chris I do , in fact I have one of their catalogs right here next to my computer.
11.) DParker - 03/24/2013
[QUOTE=CHRIS;3548]that s a good size fox.[/QUOTE]

No kidding. 35.5 lbs and 70 cm is about the size of a small-ish coyote.
12.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]I loves me some foxes[/COLOR]
13.) CHRIS - 03/26/2013
Leighton, I found their prodcuts when I was looking for a high quality varmint light. They do some pretty cool stuff.