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1.) Firemanj - 03/24/2013
I've been practicing a lot and changing some things around on my setup this year and it's helped tremendously. However, I can't seem to break my streak of first loser finishes. It's like I can't make those extra few points up that I need to come out on top. I've had several tournaments where I'm shooting six up but finishing second and could've won had I not screwed up on a couple targets. I usually end up with more 12's than the winner and that's the sad part. It's so frustrating!!!!! Help me out guys!!! What are some things you guys have done that helped you with yardage, holding steadier, etc. I need some pro tips to put me on top of the podium and not on the next step down.
2.) Deerminator - 03/24/2013
I'm not be'n a smart azz but you answered your question. " screwed up on a couple of targets."
You already know you shoot good so it's not that. It's mental. Forget about points.
It's a zen kinda thing where you are fully and completely relaxed and focused at the same time, for a period of time.
A second, a minute, or more. Time is not definite nor indefinite. It just is.

Myself,....I don't know how target shooters do it. After I hit the bullseye a few times I get really board.
After that my score goes right doem the drain.
3.) Triton Rich - 03/24/2013
[B]I'm not a competition guy, just a hunter. It seems obvious to me though that it is merely a concentration thing. It sounds like you are plenty accurate, now you just have to practice your shooting routine. Focus on making every shot, the draw, anchor, breathing etc exactly the same as far as timing and rhythm. Then, during the competition, concentrate completely on what you are doing. It's just you and the target and shut everything else out. That's my take on it.[/B]
4.) Leighton - 03/24/2013
More cowbell ?
5.) Firemanj - 03/24/2013
Love it Leighton!!! Lol. I understand what you're saying deerminator but its not always me making piss poor shots that get me. I'm still struggling a little on uphill and down hill and yardage. Didn't know if any of you guys had tips or tricks that helped you with these issues. Strategies for scoring, when to go after 12's or 14's and when to just play it safe and go for 10.
6.) Old Crow - 03/24/2013
Start a Journal with a little flip book .... document your bad shots .... and the factors that got you there over a few rounds ... review for common failure --- I.e. --- Lefts, Rights, Yardage, Release errors, Form errors, Footing stance, Ect Ect ....

Get on paper at measured distances that exceed your class offerings it will exaggerate your errors and again document and measure the details 40 to 60+

Burn the measured distances as you practice into your head to help see it on the course.

I'm no expert but think from what you have stated the devil is in the details at this point and you need to get the data to make the needed improvements ...:tu:

And of course more Cowbell !!!!
7.) Firemanj - 03/24/2013
Thanks old crow:tu:
8.) Jon - 03/25/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]For what it's worth, here was my process when I shot well........
I shot every day, paid attention to yardage and never shot from the same spot more than 2x. I estimated every yardage I could throughout my day. I got so good at yardage that I was never wrong by more than 1/2 yard. My routine was EXACTLY the same on every shot, down to blinking, breathing, drawing, anchoring, swallowing, breathing, releasing and following through.
My arrows were built exactly the same, had everything exact. If an arrow flew or spun differently, I'd make it a cull. If my draw length changed by even 1/8", my shots would be off.
While competing, my biggest problem was mental. I had to ask the group I was shooting with to keep scores quiet and I wouldn't tally my scores at all. I'd note my score for the arrow I just shot and forget it. I found that if I was on the last 5 targets and I mentally knew I was way up, I would completely screw up at least one, maybe two targets in the last few. Mental mistakes, looking past the target in front of me.
I was at the Worlds in 2006 and was 12pts up after the first 15 targets, we were circling around the course and I came up to a group of guys who had heard about how I was shooting. One of them said "good luck" to me and noted that I was 12pts up, a bunch of shooters started making comments about how good that was and that if I could keep it up, I could take the class. In the last 5 targets, I missed one, had 2 5's and 2 8's. Needless to say, I finished somewhere in the mid 20's of my class that year!
Once you know you can judge yardage and you know you can shoot, it's ALL mental.[/COLOR]
9.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
jon did you have a bunch of teenage groupies following you around? wanting autographs..i kinda had the same problem when i was in this pinball tournament..they actually made a song about me.."the pinball wizard"
10.) DParker - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;3715]jon did you have a bunch of teenage groupies following you around? wanting autographs..i kinda had the same problem when i was in this pinball tournament..they actually made a song about me.."the pinball wizard"[/QUOTE]

Here's your new avatar. Let's see how badly this one creeps Billy out.

11.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
that looks like elton johns kid..
12.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013

I don't shoot competitions, but I think the points about never shooting from the same place more than 2x and not keeping score except to note the arrow you just loosed would be great ways for me to concentrate more fully on each individual shot.
13.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;3719]that looks like elton johns kid..[/QUOTE]

He can't have kids...

It's a long story.
14.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
lol...tell me uncle swampy..
15.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
Well, sometimes, when mommies and daddies give each other a very special hug...
16.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
At least that was the way it was explained to me. I remember afterwards, I kept thinking about it and went to school, but I was so traumatized I failed my calculus exam.
17.) DParker - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;3719]that looks like elton johns kid..[/QUOTE]

You're very, very close.
18.) crookedeye - 03/25/2013
what are they doing.. fighting?
19.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
More like wrasslin'...You know it's all fake, right?
20.) Swamp Fox - 03/25/2013
I mean wrasslin'....
21.) DParker - 03/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;3726]what are they doing.. fighting?[/QUOTE]

Yes, yes they are. Just like the dogs in this live news broadcast.

22.) Leighton - 03/25/2013
So that's dog fighting .
23.) Deerminator - 03/25/2013