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1.) PB - 06/10/2013
I find it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to new arrow products, but I'm intrigued by some of their possibilities that I've read about in magazines. I'd like the latest and greatest so long as it is the greatest, and the greastest doesn't demand me to refinance my house to get it. So when it comes to arrows, I'd like my hunting arrows to perform so well that I can also use them for targets with confidence--not that I'm such a great archer, but you know what I mean--I want the best of both worlds wrapped into one.

Any suggestions will help immensely! :-)
2.) luv2bowhunt - 07/11/2013
We should be ashamed that we didn't help old PB out with his question.

Are we not archery/bowhunting experts here?:tap:
3.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2013
I've used some Blue Streaks the last couple of years, and like them. Not compatible with a a Whisker Biscuit, though (noise).

I got a good buy on them. Otherwise I would have had to think harder about opening up the wallet.

I'm still a fan of the ICS Hunters, and the price is right.
4.) Ventilator - 07/11/2013
He kinda had two ?`s Unsure which he wanted the answer to. lol
5.) luv2bowhunt - 07/11/2013
You're right, I'll answer the easy one.

No, Jon is not here anymore.
6.) Deerminator - 07/11/2013
Haven't seen Jon on here in a while. I know he had some medical issues. Hope he's do'n good.

As far as arrows I'm still going with Easton light speeds. Quiet on the rest and moderately priced. Around 100/dozen with
fletch and inserts. That's pretty much what I paid last time. About 2 yrs ago. I remember with Al arrows it was a dozen every year:re:
7.) bluecat - 07/11/2013
Are you doing pass through studies on lawnmowers PB? I like my Maxima Hunters by Carbon Express. I like them because they are a little heavier than most arrows.

There's a lot of good choices out there that is for sure.
8.) Deerminator - 07/11/2013
Just sent Jon a PM.
9.) Jon - 07/11/2013
Like Luv2 stated, Jon's not here anymore.

PB, I'm a little out of the loop unfortunately. I havent been keeping up with the latest and greatest since I got sick.

Maybe if Luv2 allows, I'll come back more often.
10.) Deerminator - 07/11/2013
11.) billy b - 07/12/2013
I'll allow, you goober.
12.) luv2bowhunt - 07/12/2013
Jon, you'll have to fill out form ES-56.2 to request reinstatement from self-imposed sabattical.

It's a ton of bs and paperwork you'll have to go through, and you know how 'busy' Alex is. I'm thinking late Nov. at the earliest to get you up and running again on here.
13.) JimP - 07/12/2013
That sounds like a lotta stress to put up with.
14.) bluecat - 07/12/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;7906]Like Luv2 stated, Jon's not here anymore.

PB, I'm a little out of the loop unfortunately. I havent been keeping up with the latest and greatest since I got sick.

Maybe if Luv2 allows, I'll come back more often.[/QUOTE]

Well at least tell us your favorite childhood toy. As archers we are really interested.
15.) Jon - 07/12/2013
My favorite childhood toy was Suzette up the road, she'd let us pretty much do anything until she OD'd on some kind of glue. She died when she was 14.

I remember a Honda Kick and Go that was pretty awesome and a electronic game called Merlin.

Ohh, I aint fillin out that form Luv2. Ain't got time for that
16.) bluecat - 07/12/2013
Anybody as bummed out as I am right now?
17.) luv2bowhunt - 07/12/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;7956]Ohh, I aint fillin out that form Luv2. Ain't got time for that[/QUOTE]


You are officially on report mister.:tap:
18.) Ventilator - 07/12/2013

Ohh, I aint fillin out that form Luv2. Ain't nobody got time for dat!![/QUOTE]

Sweet brown couldnt have said it better.:wink

Good to see u must be feelin better. :tu:
19.) BULLZ-i - 07/12/2013
20.) Ohbuckhunter - 07/13/2013
:hb: luv 7 is funny guy
21.) Floyd - 07/13/2013
Stay away Jon
22.) crookedeye - 07/13/2013
well i'll be! look at pretty boy floyd.. i new you where lurking..:grin:
23.) Deerminator - 07/13/2013
Who's Floyd?
24.) luv2bowhunt - 07/15/2013
Floyd is also not here.

Everyone get back to you lives now..........shows over.
25.) Ventilator - 07/15/2013
yeah floyd, you an bz go back to padlock land
26.) BULLZ-i - 07/15/2013
27.) Ventilator - 07/16/2013
I have the sexiest goat this side of Washington. Make you a deal on her, dont be jealous.
28.) BULLZ-i - 07/16/2013
29.) luv2bowhunt - 07/16/2013
Not to be technical, but Ventilator would be "an" anal wart. Not "a" anal wart.

Just sayin'.
30.) Alex - 07/16/2013
i see its time to remind everyone about the intention of Podunk section.
31.) luv2bowhunt - 07/16/2013
I was trying to spread the luv, but there is so much resistance.

I might have to shut this mother down again.........I'll let you know what I decide.
32.) Alex - 07/16/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;8207]I'll let you know what I decide.[/QUOTE]
Please do. Not that it will effect much but always good to know where your head is at :)
33.) DParker - 07/16/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;8208]Please do. Not that it will effect much but always good to know [B]where your head is at[/B] :)[/QUOTE]

34.) bluecat - 07/16/2013
I'll do it DP. It's a pet peave.

...where your head is.
35.) luv2bowhunt - 07/16/2013
True........wait, no, no false.


Alex, bluecat said he wants to ride the giant pig. I said you're too mean to let him.

Giant pig is not a reference to any forum member. True or false?
36.) Pa bowhunter - 07/16/2013
37.) Deerminator - 07/17/2013
38.) BULLZ-i - 07/17/2013
39.) Deerminator - 07/17/2013
Kinny, your bad things
40.) BULLZ-i - 07/17/2013
[B][COLOR="#800000"]THANK YOU....[/COLOR][/B] :tu:
41.) Deerminator - 07/17/2013
And let me add :bad:
42.) BULLZ-i - 07/17/2013
43.) Deerminator - 07/17/2013
Funny you say that. Sweetie got me one of those rubber tube streachy excersiser things and I'm kinda sore:wink