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1.) Hunter - 07/31/2013

That sound you hear is the ripping of millions of wills around the world as music fans rewrite their wishes for the afterlife. A British company, Vinyly, will take your cremated ashes and press them up on fully-functional slabs of vinyl to pass out to your friends after you die (on second though, better delegate the "passing out" part to someone you trust).

You choose the music. You choose the cover. And you've got immortality in a far cooler way than any urn could provide you.

2.) Deerminator - 07/31/2013
:groan:What will they think of next
3.) Swamp Fox - 07/31/2013
The only problem I see with this is hardly anybody has a turntable anymore...

Other than that, I'm all for a heaping helping of [I]The Best of BowCountry's Friday Music [/I]at my going-away party.

(Bullz-i has my permission to get up and go outside briefly when the banjo tunes come up...)
4.) bluecat - 07/31/2013
Probably the Bay City Rollers greatest hit(s). God they were good.
5.) BULLZ-i - 07/31/2013

6.) DParker - 07/31/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;8874]The only problem I see with this is hardly anybody has a turntable anymore...[/QUOTE]

You'd be surprised. I have one, and there are quite a few current models available for sale (just Google "turntables", surprisingly enough) from Sony, Denon, Pioneer, et al. Many are being made with a USB interface, which makes digitizing your LP collection a breeze. Hardcore audiophiles generally insist that well-maintained vinyl is superior to digital media, and so there's still a relatively small but stubbornly-holding-out fan base out there.
7.) Swamp Fox - 07/31/2013
So if we could just find the intersection of this small fan base and the sub-population of mourners who want some swag from a funeral, we'd be golden!

8.) Hunter - 07/31/2013
What about this one?

9.) Deerminator - 08/01/2013

10.) DParker - 08/01/2013
11.) bluecat - 08/01/2013
Sympathy for the Devil

I figure I'm going to meet him sooner or later and I'm going to make his life a... well...a living Hell.
12.) Swamp Fox - 08/01/2013
This is really such a great question and I'm sure I can't come up with just one song.

At my funeral, you will get a box set...


(Rimshot, please, maestro...)