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1.) Jag - 03/05/2013
Just a random catch all for photos that don't really belong anywhere else.

This is the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA:

2.) Alex - 03/05/2013
Ok I'll Bite

3.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
Touched my screen and a pine needle poked me...
4.) Alex - 03/05/2013
lick it and the water tastes mountain fresh.
5.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
I'll take your word for it...
6.) DParker - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;565]lick it and the water tastes mountain fresh.[/QUOTE]

And the schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries.
7.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/05/2013
8.) Alex - 03/05/2013
9.) BULLZ-i - 03/05/2013

10.) BULLZ-i - 03/05/2013
11.) Alex - 03/05/2013
Yeah. Not sure that is in the spirit of the thread title. Though I am sure he is an artist at it.
12.) billy b - 03/06/2013
You shoulda seen him Thurs. nite, rare form. Then there was OKY, I wonder if that footage surfaces:omg:
13.) Alex - 03/06/2013
well take it to podunk you goobers.
14.) Jag - 03/06/2013
15.) Alex - 03/06/2013
one more for tonight

16.) Hunter - 03/06/2013
Never a fair fight when Alex breaks out his photos!! :tu:

They are way too good!
17.) Alex - 03/06/2013
Lol.. its not a competition :-)

I got some good winter shots this year but am more than ready to start shooting some spring shots.

Here's one from a few weeks ago.

18.) DParker - 03/06/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;1152]Lol.. its not a competition :-)[/QUOTE]

Of course it is. Anytime you have two or more men doing the same thing in the same place it automatically becomes a competition. We can't even expectorate without trying to prove that we can spit farther than the guy who just spit before us. Man law.
19.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/06/2013
This are the kinds of pics i like to take. I guess you can call it my forte
20.) Alex - 03/07/2013
LOl nice OH...

one last one for today...

my commute

21.) Alex - 03/07/2013
Good morning HC
22.) CHRIS - 03/07/2013
as always fantastic photo's alex. Do a road trip south to the cabin is need some good shots of it. this the best i can do [ATTACH=CONFIG]63[/ATTACH]
23.) CHRIS - 03/07/2013
now that didnt work...idiot!:bang:
24.) Alex - 03/08/2013
Mornin you devil dogs.
Off to my morning meetings...

25.) CHRIS - 03/08/2013
26.) Alex - 03/08/2013

Here's to warmer weather

27.) OKY - 03/08/2013
What is that thing walking in the picture:cf:
28.) Alex - 03/08/2013
[QUOTE=OKY;1911]What is that thing walking in the picture:cf:[/QUOTE]
A PA public land P&Y :-)
That should get a rise out of someone.
29.) Alex - 03/08/2013
Is this one better OKY?

30.) OKY - 03/08/2013
Yes! Now who could you possibly get a rise from with a statement like that?
31.) Alex - 03/09/2013
Happy Saturday HC

32.) Alex - 03/09/2013
Comet Tail
- - - - - - - - -
Was just sitting here at my desk testing something to see if I could get a decent macro shot and snapped this one.

Actually pretty happy with it.

Details are 1/125s, f19 ISO 2000 @ 140mm.
About 11cm away from subject and handheld shot.

Pretty cool.

Oh if you're wondering what the photo actually is...
if you look close you can see the 5 bubble and the comet like flare on the plastic.
33.) Jag - 03/09/2013
The cats are currently trying to figure out these two new arrivals to the place:

34.) Alex - 03/10/2013
Fighting a stomach bug today :-( Did manage to take the dogs and the camera for a walk.. was shooting some macros.

35.) Alex - 03/11/2013
Happy monday HC

36.) billy b - 03/11/2013
Right back at cha.:wave:
37.) Jon - 03/11/2013
I wish I had all the time to do everything I wanted to. I took photography classes and used to develop my own film, had a blast with it. You guys take incredible digital pics, ill have to buy myself a nice digital cam.
38.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/12/2013
iPhone 5 is top of the line camera Jon.
39.) Jon - 03/12/2013
40.) Alex - 03/16/2013
Happy Saturday HC.

41.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
Just freakin beautiful!
42.) Alex - 03/18/2013
Happy Monday HC
43.) Alex - 03/19/2013
And finally... the last day of winter is just about gone...
On to Spring...

44.) Old Crow - 03/20/2013
On golden pond .....great shot Alex
45.) Alex - 03/20/2013
First day of spring.. thank god.
1/2 our schools are cosed due to the 2ft of snow they got last night ... lol

Oh well... Bye bye winter
46.) Bob Peck - 03/20/2013
Ditch the watermarks. It makes them harder but not impossible to steal thus depriving you of due credit and all the royalties that are needed to maintain your opulent lifestyle and facade as a "gentleman" farmer.

Smart and contradictory remark inbound ... 3 ... 2 ... 1
47.) CHRIS - 03/20/2013
:tap: :tap:we're waiting. Must be feeding the critters. Nice way to slap him and hug em at the same time bob
48.) Alex - 03/20/2013
LOL.. nothing leaves my desk without a watermark anymore. Not that they are anywhere difficult to get rid of. If you need an image just let me know and I can send you one without a watermark. Lords knows I need the royalties.. which I know damn well will be paid in beer.
Which is fine.
49.) Alex - 03/21/2013
Almost Friday... cmon weekend.

50.) Bob Peck - 03/22/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;3152]Lords knows I need the royalties.. which I know damn well will be paid in beer. Which is fine.[/QUOTE] ... or free accommodations, food, my best honey hole stand, jobs, spooky places guiding services, bail money ... whatever you need. I'm there for you brother! ;-)
51.) Alex - 03/22/2013
Yes on the spooky places :-)

Whoooo hooo its freakin friday!!!!

52.) Alex - 03/22/2013
Spoooky Places :-)

53.) Swamp Fox - 03/22/2013
Alex, what and where is that boarded-up building?
54.) Alex - 03/22/2013

amazing place and on my target list :-)
55.) Swamp Fox - 03/22/2013
Not that I know the place, but I made a good guess....LOL
56.) Alex - 03/22/2013
I have many more to put up as well...
My list of abandoned visits keeps growing.


BTW, you dont need to be on Facebook to see that link. It's the public link for NON FB users.
57.) Swamp Fox - 03/22/2013
Huh...I've wanted to photograph an abandoned school, abandoned textile mills and an abandoned cotton town....I'm saving my pennies for a good camera and hope to find the time to learn how to use it, LOL.

I have some point-and-shoot pics of an abandoned home in the Virginia mountains that I really like. I'll see if I can dig them up.
58.) Leighton - 03/22/2013
Looks like the place they film " The Walking Dead ".
59.) Alex - 03/23/2013
lol.. no that was here:

60.) CHRIS - 03/23/2013
wild looking photos thats for sure.
61.) Alex - 03/31/2013
Happy Easter HC.

62.) CHRIS - 03/31/2013
Alex, Happy Easter you and your family.
63.) Alex - 04/08/2013
Happy Monday HC
64.) Deerminator - 04/08/2013
Great shot Alex.......I gots find that cord for the camera....
prolly over at ma's.
65.) Jag - 04/09/2013
The Beckley, WV mine shaft:

66.) Alex - 04/09/2013
I would have a blast in there with the camera Jag :-)
67.) Jag - 04/09/2013
It was a fun trip, though you're stuck on a cart being pulled along the tracks so no chance to get on foot and explore. Ah well. Fortunately the camera was fast enough to snap a few shots as we flew by like the one above and this one:

68.) Alex - 05/04/2013
The wife n girls did a Color Me Rad 5k today to raise money for the Special Olympics.
Of course Dad had to go and take pics. Here are some random ones.

Ready for the shoot...

Glorious & Unexpected
When you're right in the middle of a huge cloud of orange dust, you never know what type of photo you will get till you review them later.
I was pleasantly surprised to see this one.[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]
And yes, my camera, my hat and every spot on my body was covered in orange dust :-P
It was worth it though.


RUNNNNN.... The Rainbow zombies are right behind you!

Go ahead... do your worst.

And the Fam... the Rainbow Warriors
69.) Alex - 05/04/2013
Last weekend was the 5k Mountain run... No pics of the fam but a few random ones at the end of the race.

70.) Alex - 05/04/2013
And last but not least I have managed a few nature pics this past week. Been busy as hell but grabbed a few here n there.

71.) Leighton - 05/06/2013
We want more pics of those half clad models if you please.:wink
72.) Alex - 05/06/2013
Hmmm... I havent had a model shoot in a while (well the last one was in a snow storm so fully dressed).

Have I shared this one before?
73.) Jag - 05/21/2013





74.) Alex - 05/21/2013
Wonderful shots Jag
75.) Ohbuckhunter - 05/21/2013
Here's a couple I took over the weekend

76.) Alex - 05/21/2013
ha.. looks like a fun trip :-)
77.) Ohbuckhunter - 05/21/2013
Lots of fun. We go over there about 3 times a year. (Ol mans cave)
78.) Alex - 05/21/2013
My photography/modeling group had a shoot on sunday. I wasnt able to attend...
kicking myself now lol

79.) Jag - 05/21/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;6134]Wonderful shots Jag[/QUOTE]

Thank you, we're hoping to stop by there on Monday to see the flags put up.
80.) Alex - 05/23/2013
couple of pics from the rains yesterday

What does it mean??? LOL

81.) Alex - 05/23/2013
Also the other day I was involved in a bit of a conversation (debate) about image editing.
So I put up a rare before and after shot on my page with a narration.
Thought you all might enjoy it :p

Editing - My Thoughts
- - - - - - -
I commonly get asked about how much I edit photos. The answer is, it all depends.

On nature stuff, landscapes and the like - I rarely do much. Color correction, shadow adjustment, that type of thing. The clone tool is not something I hardly ever use (except maybe to clean up a dirty sensor spot).

With portraits and model shots, again it really depends. Sometimes I take a shot with an idea in mind ahead of time where I want to go with it. In this case I wanted to put the model from the studio shoot into one of my abandoned sites. I knew that ahead of time and worked hard to make sure I could remove the background easily. I worked 10 times as hard getting the right shot on location to be able to compliment the light naturally. But, like with this session, there are many photos where I barely touched the original as well.

One thing I WON'T do is alter the model's appearance by slimming. There is no neck stretching, tummy tucking, arm slimming or any of the other things advertising does so often. It's not necessary in my opinion. It doesn't look natural, and quite often even healthy. It's such a sad thing that art directors, photographers, and even models feel the need to go down that path in order to 'compete'.

So like every model in my portfolio, what you see is what is real. Yes, some times i clear up blemishes on their skin, or brighten their eyes so they stand out. in my opinion all that is doing is highlighting what is already there. And what is there is beautiful!

I often hear, "oh you made me look so beautiful, or pretty, or sexy". I'm a photographer ladies. Not a painter. I didn't make you look anything. It's all you and all I am doing is showing you what I (and everyone else) already sees.

82.) Ventilator - 05/23/2013
Leighton should be quite pleased.:tu:
83.) bluecat - 05/24/2013
Does the carpet match the drapes?
84.) crookedeye - 05/24/2013
i can just picture alex.." ok look to the left, hold it! ok now look lonely and seductive"...all the while alex clicking pics.. then alex says "Ok lets unbotton those pants."..

real smooth alex!!
85.) crookedeye - 05/25/2013
alex is it possible next time i put in a pic with a deer, maybe you can give me that twinkle in my eye thats been lacking?and maybe hide that gorder under my left earlobe?
86.) Swamp Fox - 05/25/2013
87.) crookedeye - 05/25/2013
alex is just bringing the beauty out in them... yeah right..

bunch of teenage girls running around naked in his barn! hay all over the place. put 2 and 2 together..:hb:
88.) Alex - 05/25/2013
Its not like that.
Same girl from the shoot

And here is another from that shoot

this one is a link only though as I dont want to display it on the forum.
89.) DParker - 05/25/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;6225]put 2 and 2 together..:hb:[/QUOTE]

Well? Don't leave us hanging. What did you get?
90.) crookedeye - 05/25/2013
math was always overated in school, my specialty was building stuff like paper towel holders and envelope holders
91.) crookedeye - 05/25/2013
i was always press for time for my monthly projects, i could put together a paper towel holder in one day, get a doll and two pieces of pine..nail the doll between the two pieces of square pine , throw some stain on it, walla!!

it was a easy c-..
92.) Alex - 06/06/2013
Was shooting bands this past weekend. The venue was 105 degrees inside (NO AC)... holy hell. And I was shooting for 5 hrs (3,100 photos).
Most of the time was actually on stage shooting close ups.

This was Saliva - the headliner.

Was a great show though I drank 7 bottles of water and never pissed once... it all came back out in sweat.
Rolled into bed at 4am - ears still ringing.

93.) DParker - 06/06/2013
Great photos....but that's the ugliest woman I've ever seen. I hope she at least had a good voice.
94.) Alex - 06/08/2013
Got out for some landscape shots yesterday.

95.) Alex - 06/17/2013
Nice father's day weekend just hangin on the farm.

96.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/18/2013
Couple cave pics.

97.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/25/2013
This is beautiful.