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1.) bluecat - 08/22/2013
Target apologizes for different color names according to size

2.) Swamp Fox - 08/22/2013
Some of these women just need to chillax...especially the big ones...

3.) bluecat - 08/22/2013
Target spokesman Joshua Thomas told Forbes "manatee gray" is used to decribe many other products on the Target website, some in women's regular and even petite sizes.

Yeah, right. Good save. I guarantee you that whoever, whomever came up with that was laughing so hard that they were rolling around on the floor.
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/22/2013
You have to admit it has a nicer ring to it than, say, "solar eclipse gray" or "phat ash gray".

Pachyderm gray never made it out of the brainstorming session, but oddly enough they are thinking about pachyderm for a peach moo-moo. "Pachyderm peach" just spells summer fun...
5.) DParker - 08/22/2013
One of Target's gray-wearing models frolicking in the water off a California beach.

6.) Swamp Fox - 08/22/2013
This is one joke I've never gotten out of my head. It might have been Leno that told it originally, or a slight variation (same punchline):

A father and his young son are on their way to a bank when they see a big truck beeping, and the son asks "Dad, What's that mean?"

The dad replies, "That means it's backing up, son."

Next stop is the grocery story and they're in line behind a HUGE woman, and the son starts making cracks about her weight.

"Stop it, son. You're embarrassing me!" says the dad, and so the son behaves.

All of a sudden, the woman's beeper goes off and the kid yells, "Look out, Dad! She's backing up!!!"
7.) bluecat - 08/22/2013
LOL! It is funny that these Sea Cows are so offended by a name on a dress/tarp but have no problem putting all that cottage cheese into some spandex.
8.) bluecat - 08/22/2013
Some of these gals are so fat that instead of a tutu, they need a three three.
9.) Swamp Fox - 08/22/2013
10.) Deerminator - 08/22/2013