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1.) toxophilite - 09/27/2013
yes SEPT. 27th the "D" is another year older 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and many more seasons in the field enjoying your hunting and fishing adventures. :hb::tu:
2.) Triton Rich - 09/27/2013
[B]Happy Birthday D! Wishing you a year of regaining health and strength and getting back to the great things in life! Have a great day Bud! :hb:[/B]
3.) Hunter - 09/27/2013
Happy Birthday, D!! Great time to celebrate! :grin:
4.) crookedeye - 09/27/2013
happy birthday d.
5.) Ventilator - 09/27/2013
Happy birthday my friend!!
6.) bluecat - 09/27/2013
Happy B'day. I sent up a couple of strippers. You're welcome.
7.) billy b - 09/27/2013
I agree with Rich, get all your health back & everything will take care of itself, [FONT=Comic Sans MS]HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEERMINATOR[/FONT][COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE]:grin:
8.) Swamp Fox - 09/27/2013
Happy Birthday, Deerminator!
9.) BULLZ-i - 09/27/2013
10.) DParker - 09/27/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;11136]Happy B'day. I sent up a couple of strippers. You're welcome.[/QUOTE]

And a happy birdday from me too. Here's a pair of great tits and a couple of big ol' boobies.

11.) Jon - 09/27/2013
Happy birfday fuzzy!
12.) Deerminator - 09/28/2013
Thanks everyone.
I got more cards this year than ever before. But it seems like all the money musta fell out of them, ---:cf:-----dag nabit!!
Spent most of the day at the Dr's getting scaned and then going over the scan.

Apparently, [COLOR="#FF0000"]THERE'S NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE[/COLOR] , in my body. [COLOR="#000000"][/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFF00"][/COLOR][COLOR="#FF0000"]WOOHOO!!!!!!![/COLOR]
There was never any lymphoma in any of my organs or inside me. It was just ON me not IN me.
Even the doc thinks that's weird. Or lucky:-)

But he did say that I won't be back swinging from tree to tree for quite a while and that I will be building new muscle ( spelled it right this time:grin: )

I have lost 7lbs. My eating habits are still under control of some of the chemo as are my taste buds. Imagin eating some KFC and not tasting any of it.
But I can taste orange juice----weird. But that will go away soon.
13.) crookedeye - 09/28/2013
you no youre suppose to read the cards before you look for money.. it always seemed like that ten dollar bill inside the card was more important than the card.. my parents would ask me what did the card say?? i would be like what card..
14.) Deerminator - 09/28/2013
15.) Deerminator - 09/28/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;11160]Happy birfday fuzzy![/QUOTE]

16.) Pa bowhunter - 09/28/2013
Happy belated Birthday Deerminator, hope the next year is filled with better health..
17.) Deerminator - 09/29/2013
Thanks PA:tu:
18.) Leighton - 09/29/2013
Happy Birthday D , sorry I'm a bit late.:tu:
19.) OKY - 09/29/2013
Late too, happy birthday buddy.
20.) XJCraver - 09/30/2013
Dammit, missed another one....... :bang:

Happy B-Day, D. Sounds like some good news from the Doc, awful glad to hear that!
21.) ARCHERXP - 09/30/2013
happy birthday!