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1.) Deerslayer88 - 12/12/2013
After going out a few times with no luck, finally got one yesterday around 12. Although he is full of mange and not worth anything it was one of the coolest coyote hunts I have ever been apart of. Long story short he came in up wind from me so needless to say I was not ready. I heard him at about 15 yards running towards me through the grass. When he popped out he was only 5 yards to the left of me. It amazes me how well those little creatures can pinpoint exactly where a distress call is coming from and lock on to it. They are def. mother natures GPS unit. Luckily I just bought a MOJO rabbit decoy and as soon as he saw it he went right for it. I ended up shooting him on the trot because I could get him to stop even after yelping and barking at him. Dropped him 2 yards away from the decoy id say if I waited any longer I might be buying a new decoy lol.
2.) Deerminator - 12/12/2013
3.) Ventilator - 12/12/2013

My son shot his first yote in SC this past Sunday. He had a big male come by first but it wouldnt stop to a doe bleat. He had his gun up when the female passed at 20yds. He was sitting on the ground in a pine thicket. Nice close encounter. This female had great fur. I skinned it for him as there is a tannery in Greenville that will tan it for 30 bucks. Its on a stretcher drying right now.

congrats on your success!
4.) Deerslayer88 - 12/12/2013
awesome congrats to your son! A lot better looking than the one i shot lol
5.) Ventilator - 12/12/2013
all the dead ones are great!!

Me and a buddy just lined up a coyote/bobcat kill fest in NW Nebraska for 2nd wkd in February. Im stoked already! Been talking about doing it for several years, finally making it happen.
6.) Wild Bob - 12/13/2013
Good job. Too bad his coat wasn't in decent shape.

What are you shooting them with? (Caliber that is?)
7.) CHRIS - 12/14/2013
Im not much of a 'yote hunter but a friend of mind just bought an Intrepid RAS12 Modern Sporting Shotgun he plans on slaying dogs with. I went to their website and its one bad azz weapon...AR12 guage. Might have to start hunting 'yotes just so i can have one of these.
8.) DParker - 12/14/2013
The RAS12 is a slick idea, but even through their dealers like Impact Guns you're talking about $1,400 for just an upper receiver and 1 proprietary magazine that turns your AR-10 lower (which you need to already have, or buy) into a 5-round semi-auto shotgun that requires their proprietary rimless ammo, that only they make and that only comes in one flavor (2.75" 9-pellet 00 buck), and will cost you about $3/round.

All that expense, but none of the ammo flexability that is at the heart of what makes a shotgun the most versatile of firearms? No thanks.
9.) DParker - 12/14/2013
Oh, and a decent AR-10 lower assembly will run you about another $450 (or more) is you don't already have one.
10.) Deerslayer88 - 12/15/2013
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;13576]Good job. Too bad his coat wasn't in decent shape.

What are you shooting them with? (Caliber that is?)[/QUOTE]

22-250 savage model 11/111
11.) Ventilator - 12/16/2013
Me and my son are using 6.8SPC and 7mm08. Ambush firearms/Rem 700