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1.) Wild Bob - 01/15/2014
So here’s a novel idea; I don’t know about you guys, but one of the things I get a kick out of being in hunting camp with friends and family is the exchange of knowledge. Kids learn how to cuss while in camp, we share cultural ideas; fix the problems of the world, and one of my personal favorites – exchange obnoxious sayings. I have heard and learned some doosies…but if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for fresh material to dish out.

So what say we start a thread slinging some slang around here each day?

That being said and since this is my stupid idea…I’ll throw one out there that has become a favorite of mine:

(This is one best said first thing in the morning when everyone is waking up, especially if you partook in some spirits the night before; you can’t beat this for one for describing just how bad your breath feels.)

“My mouth tastes like the Red Army camped in one side of it and shit in the other.”
2.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2014
That reminds me of a quote---I thought it was from WC Fields or Groucho Marx, but I can't find it---about cottonmouth. It went something like this:

"I feel like the whole Red Army's been marching in my mouth all night in just their socks."

Other first-thing-in-the-morning jokes:

"Catch that frog!"

"Anybody lose a duck call?" (Sometimes followed by the accusation "Charlie's got it!", assuming your buddy's name is Charlie...It would work with other names, too....:wink...Just sayin')

I'm sure I can think of some others...Dino had a ton of them...

Lots of jokes about your beauty rest not working when you get up out of bed in hunting camp, too, LOL...
3.) Deerminator - 01/15/2014
4.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2014

"Don't go in there with your good camo on...It'll make the pattern run."
5.) Wild Bob - 01/15/2014
I'm thinking about a new camo pattern named 'Steaming pile'... LOL Would work good in areas where you have a lot of cow patties too.
6.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2014
Bob, someone stole ANOTHER one of your ideas already.....You're just gonna have to be quicker, man. You snooze, you lose. :wink

7.) billy b - 01/15/2014
"I'm gonna go out & grunt up a biggun"
8.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2014
"He's hung like a bull gerbil..."

9.) BULLZ-i - 01/15/2014
10.) DParker - 01/15/2014
"That's slicker than snot on a door handle!"
11.) Deerminator - 01/15/2014
12.) bluecat - 01/15/2014
Finer than frog's hair.
13.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;14676]Finer than frog's hair.[/QUOTE]

..."split three ways..."