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1.) Floyd - 01/31/2014
....and don't say Seachicken or Bronco Burgers. Well, actually you can.
2.) Ventilator - 01/31/2014
broken wings and thunderin hooves:wave:
3.) Wild Bob - 01/31/2014
We're having elk burgers at our friend's house with Northern (pike) fish balls as the featured appetizer along with what ever other good stuff they are making for us other louses... Then we're all going over to our other friends' house and watching the game there. I'm kinda stoked to not have be the family entertaining and making all the food for a change! LOL
4.) Ventilator - 01/31/2014
Plans for the day start with two of my buddys bringing down the smoker. Smokin two butts and 8 whole chickens all day. We will drink beer and tell lies throughout the afternoon while the pregame show plays in the background. Other friends arrive at 5 or so and we eat way too much. More drinks are involved as the game gets under way. Halftime, we all do some Jaeger bombs and start our annual pool tournament and hope its a decent halftime show. Get together usually ends around 1am with all the DD`s taking various people to various places. A few stay over to recover.

Work on Monday.

5.) BULLZ-i - 01/31/2014
6.) Old Crow - 01/31/2014
Going with Grilled steaks and battered and deep fried Pheasant poppers .... for an appetizer ... :tu:
7.) Floyd - 02/01/2014
Interesting, I should put to use in naming my Super Bowl menu items after ideas put forward on this thread by the lovers of ornithoscopy and the lover of onolatry. The later being more omphaloskepsis to but forward a more imaginative offering. But we will all soldier one despite some of the group's onomamania members. I caution: The ordinant one may take liberties of his avesaries ostium. We implore the parties to not do so. Please.

Now, I just need to make up my mind which items for which team for the naming convention mentioned above. hmmmm
8.) Floyd - 02/01/2014
Let's see. Let's work with what we have so far.

Attempt number one: Broken Wing Hot Wings? - hmmm, lack something. I'll set that aside for now.

Thundering Hooves Potato Wedges? Maybe, Thundering Hooves Twice Baked Potatoes. Now we're getting some where.

Fresh Ground Horse Meat Queso Dip? Major re-work needed here.

Gelded Bronco Cheese Ball; nut encrusted? hmm, at least I got the team name in there.

This is harder than I thought, but fun.
9.) Floyd - 02/01/2014
Second attempt:

12th Man Sweet Potato Fries

Bronco Orange Chicken Stir Fry

Seahawks Fly High Nacho Surprise.

Saddle Bronc pizza with Saddle Blanket Sweat dipping Sauce.
10.) crookedeye - 02/01/2014
I don't no what i'm brewing up yet..maybe my soaked vinager wings..are my famous pizza.. maybe both.
11.) Floyd - 02/02/2014
Give them cool Super Bowl theme names CE.
12.) Tom-Wisconsin - 02/02/2014
[COLOR="#EE82EE"]We are having left over ham from celebrating Christmas today. Had two delays of Christmas. The best was a new grandchild on Dec 23:grin:[/COLOR]
13.) BULLZ-i - 02/02/2014
14.) crookedeye - 02/02/2014
i'm having the peyton Manning going to kick the shehawks doulble decker whoop ass sammmich..
15.) Floyd - 02/02/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;15962]i'm having the peyton Manning going to kick the shehawks doulble decker whoop ass sammmich..[/QUOTE]

Does Peyton Manning know you're going to eat him?
16.) crookedeye - 02/02/2014
...and it has lettuce ,tomatoe and onions, and a half pound of whoop azz on it..
17.) crookedeye - 02/02/2014
seriously though, I can almost feel the pain bullzi's going to have after tonight..i can see him running around like one of those monkeys you see at the zoo.. you know one of those crazy monkeys doing flips and throwing grass...
18.) crookedeye - 02/02/2014
last time I went to the zoo, I think it was mating season inside the chimpanzee cage.. it was crazy..it was every chimp for himself..
19.) Floyd - 02/02/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;15968]last time I went to the zoo, I think it was mating season inside the chimpanzee cage.. it was crazy..it was every chimp for himself..[/QUOTE]

You're here, so it looks like you made it out alright. Were you able to mate?
20.) Floyd - 02/02/2014
Seahawk Pâté on Bronco Crackers, mmmm
21.) billy b - 02/02/2014
Were having smoked beef fajitas
22.) Deerminator - 02/02/2014
T-Bones and Chicken wings on the grill.

23.) DParker - 02/02/2014
The wife's homemade pizza, chili queso with Fritos, every hot-and-spicy flavor Dorito there is...and just so I'll be able to get some work done tomorrow I made a batch of Chinese "tea eggs". Two of these late tonight and no one will be coming in my office and bugging me tomorrow morning. At least, not more than once:

24.) Floyd - 02/02/2014
I'd like to give Jon one of those and see what happens.

I bet the entire northeast coast clears out.

We can call them Rocky Mountain Bronco Oysters.
25.) DParker - 02/02/2014
[QUOTE=Floyd;16022]I'd like to give Jon one of those and see what happens.[/QUOTE]

From what I've heard...

26.) Floyd - 02/03/2014
That's funny DP. There must be some truth in that thought.

My broken Seachicken wings were great. And the Thundering Bronco Hooves Potato Wedges were awesome. So was the 12th Man Horse Meat Queso Dip. Scout is a good cook and funny too.
27.) Deerminator - 02/03/2014
The dead cow and chicken we had was very good:tu: